More Styling with Amber

Amber Marlow Blatt, who is awesome and involved in such cool projects, has been shooting with me over the past few weeks for our portfolios. Here are a couple of my favorite shots:


Shortly after, these tacos were in my belly. El Fagon, you are great New York Mexican food. And clearly, you clean up nice!


I'm wishing now that bowl had just a peek of cereal in it, but I still think it's lovely.


Knitted iPad sleeve for theoretical craft story.

The middle shot is definitely my favorite of the entire extravaganza of the project, despite the lack of cereal. All in all though things went so well and we had such a great time working together, we're going to brainstorm ideas for another go-round. More pics from this session to come sometime later...

What Kind of Chariot

whatkindofchariot copy

What Kind of Chariot, new 8Track here. With Dusty Brown, Memory House, Bird and the Bee, Tiny Vipers, The Postmarks, the Beatles, Hope Sandoval and Elika.


Oh Blog

I've missed you. It's been a tough summer. Maybe someday I'll share the details, but for now, things are still head-down, pushing forward, and moving ahead as best as manageable.

Anyhow, here is a peek at a shot from some testing I did for my styling portfolio, with hopefully lots more to share in the coming weeks:

an outtake from a <span class=

My hand's here aren't really supposed to be there, but I agree with
Amber, that I kind of like it in an accidentally cute way...