We Made the Front Page of Etsy!

I was wondering why these shoes had 500+ views in a matter of hours!

They are still available here, and they are amazing. They are also size 6. Bad news for me. Good news for someone who is size 6.


Introducing The New Gal

Over the weekend I scored an adorable new vintage Acme dress form. If you take a look at some of our earlier windows, you see that we did have one at one point, but in an adorable I-have-to-get-this-for-my-girlfriend's-birthday-that-is-like-tomorrow moment for a customer of mine, the old lady went packing and on to a new life.

Anyhow, we've got a new mistress in town, and she's going to be showing off all our great stocked up clothing that will be debuting in the Etsy store for fall.

Spotted! Same Glasses at Deluxa on Mad Men


I know I'm late to the party (I'm in the middle of season 1), but I am currently an official Mad Men convert. When Peggy was doing the twist towards the kinda jerky, but somehow mildly loveably jerky-boy, and he told her, "I don't like you like this," the deal was cinched and I was on board.

Anyhow, earlier in that very same episode, when Peggy gets her copy idea for lipstick approved and all the boys go to Don Draper's office to celebrate, low and behold what did I see!!!

lThat's right! My crystal silver-rimmed glasses!

$70 for a set of 16 glasses, in great condition, and they are beautiful beautiful glassware--clearly as the prop stylist at Mad Men can attest!

Get them here on Deluxa's Etsy store.


Vintage Banks

Although I'm pretty good about keeping my change in my change pouch in my purse--well, either there or in the bottom of my purse--the BF, not so much. Like the tooth fairy, he leaves quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies everywhere he goes. Whenever I find them, I get to say in my sing song voice, "Looks like the quarter fairy was here!" and then add the change to my morning coffee run change stash (which would be, as it should be, in my change pouch of my wallet).

Anywho, fairies aside, I was thinking maybe what we need is a fabulous bank for him to stash his change. Here are 3 that I found on Etsy that I marked as favorites for my shortlist:

Vintage House Bank at SpunkyGal, $28, to go with my Keystone Dollhouse

John the Triceratops bank, at KatsKuriosityShoppe $15

Silver Piggy Bank by Oystercatcher, $22

The part of me that grew up in the 80's is leaning towards the triceratops. I also have a really strong feeling that the smell of the plastic in it will be worth the nostalgia alone. The house bank would be a good compromise for having to sell the Keystone dollhouse, but then again the silver piggy bank is a nice minimalist modernist piece, which isn't usually quite my thing, but could help to anchor all the contrastinc colors and textures I've got in my studio. Hmm...


MyWiseBunny.com and Criagslist

As someone who spends way more time on Craigslist than I ever imagined in my wildest dreams, this site--MyWiseBunny.com--makes Craigslist much more user friendly and less of a wild west/jungle free for all of (mis?)information.

I haven't really trolled through the whole site yet, but going through the Brooklyn furniture section, it is amazing how it has a great thumbnail gallery with prices, and is listed by date. It even has expanded photo rollovers. For me, and for virtually all of my customers who've found me and shopped from me via Craigslist, using MyWiseBunny is going to be in the daily website visiting rotation.

Here is a screenshot of their thumbnail gallery for Brooklyn:

And lookie there! What a cute kids chair and desk set!


Our Chairs Are On Apartment Therapy!

Unfortunately for the burst people that have been calling, our sea foam club chairs that were featured on Apartment Therapy sold in a flash this morning.

Here's the link to the post, and a screen shot below, along with the photos posted with the Craigslist ad:

Also after poking around AT a little more, I nicely saw that Deluxa made it into AT's New York Shopping guide--woo hoo!

In equal awesomeness, the lucky buyer for these chairs is Abbey, from Abbey Goes Design Scouting. How I've missed this blog in my life, I'm not really sure, because it's fantastic. I'm really excited to see how her new apartment unfolds and follow what her great taste will scout out. She did a lovely post on Deluxa here also.

Super cool-y enough, she is friends with Joanna at Cup of Jo, which is another fantastic blog I'd highly recommend and have been reading for some time (I know, I know, I'm incredibly behind on putting up a blog roll), and Abbey is friends with Amy Azzarito, who blogged about Deluxa on AT back in March, and was so incredibly nice. Read her original post here, and all her posts here (which are always among my favorite in the sea of loveliness that is Apartment Therapy).


Flickr Pool Exterior Ranch-Style House Photos

Found this Flickr pool Exterior Ranch-Style House Photos and pulled a couple of my favorites to share.

I want to copy these lamps, right now.

I can't tell you how much this photo makes me long for my Oxnard, California neighborhood, where there were quite a few houses just like this, sculpted trees and all. Even that sunlight--so California.

This St. Louis house is still a gem, beneath the vertical blinds. I'd paint the lamp post too, and manicure the yard a bit more.

Although I love my studio and my lovely Brooklyn neighborhood, the coming of my 4 year NYC anniversary, and all of my adult life living in apartments in some form or another--it all has me longing a small bit for house life. Lots of windows, a lawn, a garden, physical space, and space to covet lovely things. But I guess then all the lovely things wouldn't end up in the shop...

Lucky for me, there is a very high possiblity the BF and I will be getting to kitty sit at our dear friend's beautiful midcentury poconos home in a couple weeks, so hopefully that will be some space relief.

Anyhow, check out the Flickr pool and indulge in house dreams with me if you're in the same boat.


Salvaged from an Upstate Diner, "Vintage Saves"

Deluxa Named One of Top 5 Thrift (but we're sure they mean vintage) Stores in Brooklyn on About .com

Sweet! While I personally don't classify the store as a "thrift store" being in the company of Beacon's Closet and Housing Works is a huge honor.

From the post:
This Carroll Gardens shop is a hidden gem. Located on Sackett Street just off of Henry, Deluxa sells an eclectic mix of mid-century furniture, dishes, and nostalgia. Don't miss the fantastic jewelry collection.

Read the full post here, which also includes the Salvation Army, and Baltic Bazaar.

Etsy New Arrivals!

Some really special items have been coming our way lately. Check them all out in the Etsy shop. Here's some recent highlights below:

Rosewood and Stainless Steel Cheese Plate, SOLD

Perpetual Desk Calendar, $11

Birdcage with Faux Bird, $60 SOLD

Acroprint Time Stamp Machine, $80 SOLD

Brass Filigree Mirrored Circular Tray, $38

Teak and Brass Salt and Pepper Shakers, $11

New Luxa Video: On Your Love

Started this project on a whim last night, and have to say I'm pretty happy with the results. Enjoy!


Card Catalogs


We've just got a beauty of a card catalog in the store--35 drawers with beautiful patina on the pulls and wood surface. The best part--it comes apart in sections, so you can use one part for a coffee table or end table or store it somewhere else so you can use this piece however you desire.

$950, full Craigslist post here

I was really happy to score this right after enjoying She Can't Decide's post on card catalog images that she found on Desire to Inspire, all of which, I'm going to shamelessly repost here:

Also in my internet travels, a stop at 1st Dibs turned up this French Cartonnier, which is rather heartbreakingly wonderful...





DIY Herman Miller Shell Chair Rehab Part 2

Part 2! Okay, the exclamation point might be misused there, because this very large and very laborious step two to the process of rehabbing this chair is...sanding. And paint stripping. Over and over. For like hours. For like hours, like a few sessions of hours. Over days. And I'm still not sure I'm done. Something about the world of sanding seems to be the rule that when you think you are getting close, you might be 60% done. Might.

Do I look like I'm done being wet sanded? Note, I'm also still drying in this pic...

I don't know if anyone has had fiberglass fingers, but its not that fun either. Its like crunchy sandpaper stuck in your fingers. For like days. And it gets all out, just in time for another round of sanding. The BF says "Wear gloves," to which I intelligently reply with, "Bah."

Mmm...raw fiberglass.

I'm getting excited about the Penetrol coming up though. As Melissa at the Brick House might say, the Penetrol will make this baby the sexy chair it was born to be.

No ten layers of ugly black paint here!

I also got shock mounts on Ebay a few days ago. Still looking out for feet. A generic set I found in a drawer here didn't fit, and there is a set of glides for $20 on eBay, but I'm still holding out.

Even the underside is done!

Read DIY Herman Miller Shell Chair Rehab Part 1 here, and the original DIY instructions here on Chairfag, and another great set of instructions on The Brick House.

New Arrivals!

Just two shots of a few new things in store:

Medical pedestal table with single drawer, perfect for kitchens or entry ways! SOLD!

Wooden primitive child desk with matching chair, beautiful, $330; amazing chalk board with ABCs and numbers, $120