In Store Virtual Tour Video

Made this video yesterday. Enjoy the quick peek around the store! The video also features Golf's "Yellow" on Chat Blanc Records--one of my favorite tracks... We carry their limited 3" CD in store!


Lots of New Arrivals in the Etsy Store

Kept up with the Etsy store lately? A bevy of new arrivals--more to come soon, too!


Vintage Pyrex on Apartment Therapy

I'm loving these two shots from a recent post on Apartment Therapy on decorating with vintage Pyrex. The bottom shot is from the creators of Pyrex Love, which is a great site and resource for all that is Pyrex. So wonderful to get a peek into their home and see that their style extends far beyond utilitarian glassware! More with Pyrex here, here, and here.

Design*Sponge Pic on Ffffound!

Ffffound! picked up the star photo of our Design*Sponge photo spread. That makes two interiors by Lorie Reilly and me now! Here is the first.

Red Plaid Umbrella

I just couldn't resist posting these pics I took yesterday. Should be hitting the Etsy store this afternoon, along with some other tasty goodies...

PS. That's our Alvar Aalto 65 chair--we've got two!


Google Maps

Updated their street view of our block!

New Arrivals!

Some really great new stuff:

Danish style valet, $120.

Stacking marble print circular tables, $70.

Faux bois print metal cabinet with drawers and metal print base, excellent condition, $1250.

Spaghetti print lamp (the base has a small light too, gorgeous) with tiered Eames era shade, $134.

Formica table (has a leaf too) with diamond atomic inlay, $370.

And yes, that is a faux bois print metal set of cabinet drawers. Yes, they are every stylish person's organizational dream. Yes, it is the most fabulous piece of adorable industrial furniture ever. Yes, yes, yes.

Lots more small stuff and some furnishings that need some rehab to come soon. The Wegner heart chair is also finished, as is the Knoll executive chair--keep your eyes peeled on Craigslist!


Have You Heard?

Polaroid has been adopted! On October 9th, the last batch of produced film passed its "use by" date, and it looked as if Polaroid lovers were going to be left high and dry. Luckily though, as many were hoping, the name and technology for the cameras is being licensed for production, and a group called The Impossible Project (totally worth reading up on these guys) will be producing film. It's quite and interesting story for what some consider an antiquated format while others consider precious. Read more here, here, and here.

Here's a few pics I pulled off the Flickr group, aptly named, "The Polaroid Pool":

Also, if you haven't seen Poladroid, check it out--we've got a bit of a wait until mid 2010. Here is a link to another post I did on Polaroids of plants, too. Lastly, we do have a couple vintage camera's in stock, including an instant film camera (that uses Polaroid film) that was produced for Tupperware and made by Kodak as a gift for their top Tupperware sellers. Super kitsch.


Left Over Design*Sponge Pics

Here's a few other photos from our shoot for Design*Sponge that didn't get picked up. Enjoy!

I knitted this bunny to look just like Bernina. (The one of Belikin is still on the way.) From a pattern by Jess Hutchison.

Detail shot of our dinette top. That's my favorite Ekco Eterna Canoe flatware there which I adore.

At last more pics of Eva Zeisel! That is my slowly growing collection of Red Wing Town and Country plates, next to Eva Zeisel Federal Glass "Lo-Balls".

The BF's wall-o-music.

This last one is my favorite shot of the entire shoot. In the back are panels from my mother's Mercury dime collection. The photos are both of my parents as children; the Spirograph set is one that is identical to a set I had as a kid. Some very favoritest books including Andrew Wyeth, Factory Records, and some of the excellent Ellen Lupton. The circular block art is from Sophia's Sweet Spot. The "pretend bunny" was bought on the street in Manhattan, long before we had any real bunnies, foreshadowing what is now quite the collection...

Check out the selects from Design*Sponge here if you haven't gotten a chance yet--we are still so super flattered that we got to share our home. Also, we've switched things up in our space since the shoot, and have moved the dinette set back to the sales floor, so it's available for $550.

Overflow Magazine

If you've been anywhere near South Brooklyn recently, you may have noticed a new free local mag, Overflow. I've read all three of the first issues cover to cover, and think it's a great source for local articles on everything from the Battle of Brooklyn to the beautifully decrepit building on 3rd Ave. and 3rd St to artist coops to local fashion. The folks running the mag are making a great contribution to our community, and really have their finger on the pulse of the neighborhood. I can't wait to see their new issues, and am thinking of doing some print advertising with them (a first!).

Anyhow, I was supremely delighted when I was reading my copy on the train on my way to the Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show and got to the article "Recession Special" by Robert Dupree. I think his piece on dressing in supremely dapper duds from vintage stores in the area was ingenious, and creates some rather stunning looks. He also sweetly featured a black button up he got from none other than Deluxa--woot woot!

PS. The Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show, devastatingly amazing. Vendor after vendor with gorgeous showroom quality pieces. I could have been there all day. Verrrrry pricey, but most of it rightly so. I spotted a LV suitcase that was said to have belonged to JFK, monogramed and everything. $7500. Italian carmel leather handbag, $185. Flannel lined mandarin collar twill coat, $240. 30's print day dress, $380. Sadly, no pics allowed. :( Highly recommended though, and it's still going on tomorrow where you might be able to bargain for better discounts as the event draws to a close...


Molly Meg: (Vintage) Design for Children

Just stumbled on this site Molly Meg featuring AH-Dor-a-BUL vintage chairs and objects for children. Cute site design and all around cute store store, although worth noting that they're UK based... Get your little girl dressed in some Polly Flinders, grab a mini '60s bucket chair, and it's cuteness explosion! AHHHH!


More New Arrivals!

It's still been hectic around here, so forgive the less than lovely pics, but do take a peek at our new arrivals!

High gloss yellow claw foot table, refinished, SOLD

Alvar Aalto Style 65 chairs, pair $290, single $150. SOLD

Alvar Aalto stool, $120. SOLD

Framed mirror with decorative oval and ribbon carving, $120.

October Window

Goin' a little fancier for our anniversary! Oleg Cassini dress, Captivators shoes, men's white button up with a tassel embroidered tie, Herman Miller Aluminum Group Lounge Chair, Alvar Aalto Series 65 chair, Cole Steel task chair, child's black welded chair, Arteluce lamp, little girl's party dress, and signed and framed charocal of "Summer Landscape". Oh yes, and I've included the most incredible pair of Salvatore Ferragamo riding boots. They are to kill for.


We're Featured on Design*Sponge!

The supremely awesome Amy Azzarito who covered Deluxa for Apartment Therapy some months ago invited us to participate in one of Design*Sponge's Sneak Peeks! We got to literally and figuratively "pull back the curtain" to share our living space in the store, and show off our "little beasts" (our pet bunnies, Bernina and Belikin). Here's some of the pics from the post; here is the link for the full post, with explanations and descriptions.

In all we are so incredibly flattered and delighted to be a part of Design*Sponge and to get to share our home with such a great community!

Big thanks to Lorie Reilly who also did our website photos for all her help. She took tons of great shots, and of course D*S couldn't use them all, so don't be surprised if the strays pop up on the blog sometime soon!

New Arrivals!

Deco full size bed, headboard, footboard, with rails and cross beams, $250. SOLD

American Martinsville buffet server with hutch in great condition, $900.

Paul Evans style brutalist cubist table lamp, $180. TO. DIE. FOR. I'm so sad I don't have a place for this myself...

Although I haven't been as busy as I'd like on the blog lately, we have for sure been busy and have a number of exciting things to share (new store displays, new arrivals, new mentions, new sales). In the meantime, hopefully this peek at a couple new arrivals will tide over for now. We've also got some great Alvar Aalto furniture, a number of typewriters, a great refinished clawfoot table in sunny yellow coming up, some stunning 60's lamps, and an amazing set of speakers. I promise, more pics soon...

PS Thanks to everyone who helped us celebrate on Saturday! We had a lovely time and may just start instituting "champagne Saturdays" as a result! So much fun!


Official One Year Anniversary

Today, it has been officially three hundred and sixty five days since opening Deluxa. It's been a quiet day for the store, and gloomy out lately, and a bit difficult to swallow that while this year has been a great adventure, financially, like most people, the year has not unfolded as I'd hoped. Who knew Brooklyn could would be so frugal?

Regardless, I know that if economics stay the same through next year, I'm better equipped, and can only hope to see improvements. I've learned so much, become so inspired, and know now more than when I'd started, that this is what I want to do, and this is who I am, and this is what I believe in.

Found via SwissMiss .