Sold: Refinished Fuchsia Vanity Desk and Stool

Here's what I hinted at before. I always forget how long refinishing takes...


Refinished shabby chic style vanity with stool in high gloss fuchsia. Royal blue felt lined drawer, and clear glass knob. Beautiful texture and shine.


Perfect for a vanity or desk. Desk measures 30” tall, 34” wide, and 18” deep. Stool measures 17.5” tall, 19” wide, and 11” deep. Only selling together as a pair. Mirrored tray and all other accessories not included.


Free showroom pick up. Brooklyn and Manhattan delivery for $50. Inquire for other areas.


Sold Sold Sold

I updated the whole folder of Deluxa's sold furniture today on Flickr. Check out the 250+ pics of furniture here. Regular readers also may notice I've started posting items directly for sale through the blog, and I've been going back and tagging those items as sold once their taken.

Looking through the files makes me really nostalgic for the pieces that have passed through. Here are a few of my favorites, although it was hard to whittle it down to even just these:


Paul Evans Style Table Lamp


Alvar Aalto Stool


Refinished Claw Foot Table in High Gloss Yellow


Tripod Style Collapsible Floor Lamps, similar to DWR


Rosewood Tallboy Danish Dresser


McCobb Style Desk


Peach Velvet Oversize Wingback


High Gloss French Provincial Desk in Black


West German Clock Converted into Mirror


Metal Top Kitchen Cabinet


Wegner Style Folding Chair


Danish Small Dresser


For Sale: Castle Fantasy Folk Art Wall Hanging


Antiqued gold colored frame; backing is made of burlap weave bordered with gold ribbon, mounted on a gray-green card stock support.

Castle made of felt cut outs, with lacy paper edging along the roof lines, and paper layered rectangles for windows. Shutters made from paper with white text on black background. The archway door is framed with gold braid, and seamed with gold cord.

In the sky, are felt and antique lace clouds, partially obscuring the sun, with felt birds.


The fence in front of the castle is made from pink and white vertically striped cotton, and the garden is made from felt and swirls of yarn. The planted garden is made from a 50's mod cotton print with cats, along with squares of calico floral fabric looking like a flower bed.

The children in front of the castle are made of cut layers of felt, with the girl's dress adorned with seed pearls. The boy's toy horse has a red and white twisted cording for a pull. They are standing on a "gravel" path made of sand paper.

The flanking house has a felt roof and windows, and is made from a striped cotton fabric. The door is made from a page of a book, and is framed in gold rick rack. There are also two "gravel" sandpaper strips there as well. The "lawn" between the house and the castle is made from a bouclé forest green fabric.

The queen is made from felt cut outs, with small decorative doily-like paper punches on her robe, and sequins and gold lace on her dress. Her crown is a cut piece of silver paper.

The back is hung with picture wire. There are several layers of paper protecting the backing; however there has been some decay, loss, and rips to these layers. Nothing on the reverse side is visibly affecting the display side.

Overall the piece does have minor vintage wear, but is in remarkably good condition. One of the lace clouds has a snag in it, it’s possible that one or two of the pink circles on the "cypress" tree in the far right are missing, and there are a few pearls missing from the little girls dress, and the orange long "ribbons" hanging down are no longer directly attached.

There is slight overall aging, but nothing terrible. Not visibly soiled, but perhaps slightly dusty all over. The frame appears to have been spray painted and smudged while it was wet. There is no glass.


Measures 31.5" tall by 39.75" wide by .75" deep.

Personal delivery to Brooklyn and Manhattan for $25. Inquire for other local delivery quote. Free pick up at our show room available. UPS ground delivery available for outside NYC area.

Castle Fantasy Folk Art Wall Hanging

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Really Cute Packaging Idea

I read about is packaging idea by Mandi posted at A Beautiful Mess, basically sewing an envelope out of paper grocery bags. So simple and easy and cheap, and when it comes to packaging my items I've sold, I'm all about recycling, reusing, and cheap. And now it can also be super cute! Here are my results, where I didn't exactly follow Mandi's more intelligent method, because reading instructions after a project is how I usually work things.

IMG_2543 copy



Sold: Singer Featherweight 221K in White


It kills to have to part with this find, especially after testing it out post-tune up. Gorgeous, dreamy, mod sewing. I shouldn't complain too hard though, getting to use my grandmother's black featherweight with loads of attachments. I may prefer the white, but having two machines seems silly, and parting with a family heirloom would be sacrilege. Besides, Grandma Margene was a supreme crafter of the highest rank, and I am humbled to be working on her machine, despite the allure of the white.


Down to the gritty gritty here though: the case is in very good vintage condition, clean throughout and free of any major dings or scrapes. I am out of fabreeze right now, but there is a whiff of basement to the case. The machine, like I said, works beautifully, and is very clean save some small bits of aged dust in the hardest to reach corners. The cord is supple and free of cracks or fraying; the bakelite pedal is original and in very good condition. The light works, the motor hums satisfyingly. Reverse works great. Tension is right on. Also has the original white belt--rare! Featherweight aficionados recommend taking off the white belts and storing separately since they are a bit sought after.


Gizmo, who was recommended by the lovely girls at Purl, gave this machine a thorough going over, tune up, and clean bill of health (a $70 visit itself). Even he kept repeating over and over, "I love these machines, I love these machines." He even kindly unscrewed some of the paneling and showed me the "guts". Industrial chic indeed.


The well known indestructibility and ease of use of these machines is legendary. Also, if kept in good condition, it will only become a more valuable collectible. This particular machine was made in 1964, the last year of production. I also have the original instruction booklet, working keys for the case, and the receipt for the tune up. She's also got a brand new needle.


One last thing though is that the bobbin case is not original, I bought a modern replacement. Gizmo said the quality is not as good as the original, but what the eff is these days? It does work nicely though, and also set me back a pretty penny so I can offer this beauty as absolutely ready to sew up a storm.


Cool Blog: .Speck

XYQ over with .Speck in Portland has left us a few nice comments through out the blog. She's got some great style and seems very much the West Coast Deluxa counterpart--great vintage furniture for sale, posts on design and interiors and whatever strikes her fancy. She even has Bill Stephens chairs in stock. I certainly look forward to keeping tabs on her blog and site to see what finds she comes up with and what inspiration she'll dole out. Just check out this bookshelf on her "about" page on her site:

Speck Bookshelf

Super cool.


Silly Rabbit

Create myspace graphic with Gickr

Luxa to Play with The Sight Below and Svarte Greiner

Sight Below Svarte Greiner Luxa

New Luxa show announced with The Sight Below and Svarte Greiner. Mark your calendars, May 19th. The Sight Below's latest album Glider just got reviewed on Pitchfork--read it here.

Also, thank you is due to Tristan in Singapore for letting us use his image. Check out his Flickr stream for more great shots.

Etsy Home Updates

Been to the Etsy Home shop lately? Here's some of the new arrivals:

homeupdate copy


Sold: Monogrammed Trunk




Super cool vintage trunk with painted monogram “R. T. K.”. Has leather handles and linen print lined interior with pull out tray. Working keys included. Works great as storage for a coffee table, at the end of the bed, or in a closet. A few labels peeling off. Overall vintage wear.

Measures 17” x 13” x 30.5”.

Marisa Tomei in My Cousin Vinny








Pulled these from Netflix. 1992. Is it just me, or does anyone else get some serious Lady Gaga vibes from these pics?

DIY Herman Miller Shell Chair Rehab Part 3


So, yes. It has been forever. Like eight months of forever. But I'm back at it. The Herman Miller Shell Sidewalk Find H Base Chair of Doom (see older posts here, here, and here).

What happened you ask? Holidays. Burn out. And moving. And a place to stash it where I can forget about it. But it is back, and hopefully for the last and final round.

After pulling the shell chair out, even though I did Penetrol the sucker a bunch of times, the surface just didn't look so great. The paint remover really did a number on the fiberglass, making the texture pretty wonky and pitted, rather than sexy, modern, and sleek. Lucky for me, I now have an orbital sander, which improved things vastly, but is nearly impossible to use in the curve where your butt goes...so at this point, I really am just going to say that having the vast majority looking better is--sigh--good enough. Besides, there is a seat cushion that goes in there anyway.


The last of some pitting that will just have to stay.


Clearer shot of the three holes used (somehow?) to anchor the chair pad. I'm thinking of using some kind of rope or strong yarn to tie through the holes, but if anyone knows how the originals were attached, please let me know!


Close up of what is often mistaken for drill holes to let water out, cushion attachment holes.


Much glossier and smooth than the sanding by hand, but still not quite perfect...

So now we're back in the Penetrol stages (round 2 to be exact) and in a few more days, on to the final final stage of actually putting the shock mounts on, which, I feel like considering all the prep work I've done so far, should be relatively easy. Here are the original links to Chairfag and The Brick House.

Oh yeah, and I caved in on those eBay glides. Crossing my fingers they arrive soon... For a free chair on the street, the investment into the shock mounts, glides, paint (for the legs) and paint remover, foam for the seat, and ridiculous amount of hours is adding up fast, but I guess I can't turn back now...


New shock mounts, ready to be mounted.

In the mean time, I'm thinking about what fabric to use to make the seat cushion. I'm thinking a print could be a cool touch, but a hard sell.

Here is a sneak peak of another project I'm working on at the same time. Really just paint and refinishing, but I think it is going to come out pretty cute as my skills and patience are improving.


Still needs work, but coming along nicely.


New Favorite Video

Loving this new video by Soundpool.


For Sale: Koala Wall Hanging


Incredible kitsch koala wall hanging. Buy it now. Or regret it forever... Measures 24" x 30".