THE Anthropolgie Buyer

Someone is brilliant for creating this show: following the special buyer Keith Johnson for Anthropologie stores around the globe as he finds inspired objects.

Since I've started the store, I virtually never buy anything at any Anthro/UO stores anymore, but I do go and swoon and steal display ideas, and I'm sure once this store starts I'll be stealing more refurbish/refinishing ideas as well. In all I always knew that there was some kind of mastermind world traveler behind all those great finds (not to mention an unmatched visual display team, BAR NONE). The teaser bits of Keith are a great intro to what the show might be about--my favorite is the one in India where he walks through the process of remaking a huge birdcage with a painted canvas to go on the backboard among other modifications. Premiers October 7th--I'm marking my calendar! (And hoping it will be streaming online...haven't had a television in eight years...)


Hot Lust: Midcentury Czech Pendant Lighting

I want them all now. All available in Prague Kolektiv's 1st dibs site, or check out their website, or their showroom in Dumbo.

Here's a little on Czech design as well, pulled from their website:

what is czech design? The pre-war and post-war periods in Czechoslovakia produced outstanding designs in extraordinarily different political, social, and economic contexts. In many of the pre-war Czech pieces that we carry, the influences from the Bauhaus and architects such as Le Corbusier, Mart Stam, Adolf Loos and Mies van der Rohe are unmistakable. As Kenneth Frampton noted in his work Modern Architecture: A Critical History "The one country which has always been inadequately represented in any account of the International Style is Czechoslovakia." Czech pieces from this period imbue interiors with an elegance and simplicity that are as appealing to our senses today as they were eighty years ago.

Some people may be familiar with the tubular chrome-plated steel and lacquered wood typically used in functionalist furniture design in Czechoslovakia as elsewhere in Europe in the 1920s and 1930s, but most people are not familiar with the designs that emerged in Czechoslovakia during the 1950s and 1960s. While the Communist rule of that period did have an impact on much of the creative and entrepreneurial activity in Czech society, sensible and attractive designs in the decorative arts continued to emerge.


Comments Are Back


Sometimes I forget the crazy power of the internet, and how if you ask it the right question, it will tell you answers to lots of things.

With that, the comments are working again! Thanks, internets!


I'm Thinking Balloons

for the party.

I Love This Idea

Over at Benign Objects, a cute stationery company in Minnesota, they shared an adorable idea for Save the Dates, but really you could use it for any sweet event. Using a Yudu (I want!), they cleverly screened on the info for their Save the Date onto vintage hankies. Check out the results below, and stash this one in an inspiration folder for sure. Read the full post here.



New Arrivals!

These pics aren't so great as I'm still recovering from the expedition of gathering all these new items. Lots of heaviness in a very crowded 5 floor house made for some debilitating soreness for the last few days. The things we do for love though.

Herman Miller Shell Side Stacking Chair in Parchment, $110 SOLD

Pristine Danish Style Walnut Expanding Table, Seats 2-8, $900 (I know, it's a terrible photo, but trust me, a beautiful piece) SOLD

Lateral Flat File Drawers, would make an unbelievable coffee table, I'm thinking loft space... SOLD

5 Herman Miller (but not Herman Miller) Style Shell Arm Chairs, $110 each

Herman Miller Aluminum Group Lounge Chair, $300, he's got some upholstery issues, but still a great find

Also in store, a Hans Wegner Heart Chair (believe it!) that is going to get some TLC, as well as a Knoll executive chair on casters that needs some new padding. In all, a pretty exciting haul. Oh yeah, there was also an INCREDIBLE coffee table that sold within the hour of being in the store. Sadly, no pics. Check on our Craigslist postings for our full list of furniture availability--I must say we've got maybe the best selection in store ever right now.


Vintage Cher

Kind of incredibly cool. The video is totally worth watching--I'm loving the vibraphone and eyelashes, and the rings and the people in the background (it's worth a second viewing for that alone). It's also worth sticking with all the way though, especially to the part with the weird breakdown. I'm also loving the line "My daddy would rage like a storm on the sea".


Polly Flinders

I just discovered this vintage label for little girls clothing, typically including adorable details like peter pan collars and hand sewn smocking. Here's a quick collection swept up from eBay and Etsy:

Available at Sweet Lily Studio here, $7.99!

Available at Find Me Vintage here, $22

Look! Even little girl slips!

Peter pan collar, smocking, and rickrack.

Super adorable pinafore.

The rest above are on Ebay, just search "Polly Flinders" for these and lots of other dresses. Makes me wish I had a little girl. Almost.

Stacks of Vintage Suitcases

Look at the one in the middle! So fat!

Matched luugage--so great. Finding them with keys is also fun.

Tonals are nice.

More tonals. Personally, I love more colorful ones, but these are certainly nice collections.

Someday, I will own a piece of vintage Louis Vuitton luggage. No purses--no thank you. Just luggage. That and a Hermes scarf. Those are the only two designer vintage items I truly covet. Is it just me or did anyone else notice that Christmas is coming up? Cough, cough.


Blog Layout Updates

At long last, we've got a blog roll. I still may tweak it here and there for a bit, but it's up and ready to be plundered--have at it!

Also, I added a little Facebook widget, which is pretty darned cool. You can +1 Fan right there, and keep up with our Facebook posts as well.


Deluxa's One Year Anniversary Celebration

It is of course, still a bit away, but I wanted to get the word out now for Deluxa's first anniversary party. Champagne cocktails, and maybe cupcakes too, open to everyone from 12-7, then a few hours with some close friends. Details below:

Click to view larger...


Summer Has Flown By

It's been a fitful summer here, with ups and downs--but looking back, mostly ups. The rough rainy parts were for sure a couple of downers, but the momentum of the Etsy shop, and some great mentions including Apartment Therapy and Abigail Goes Design Scouting, and the acquiring of some major D I Y skills, along with new distribution deals for the record label, and good shows for the band, and even a quick get away weekend has made it all for the better.

Now that its Labor Day though, summer seems to be winding down officially, and the one year anniversary is (unbelievably) coming up quickly in October, bringing with it mums and pumpkins and sweaters. Personally, I can't wait to be back in October, to be able to look back, but mostly to look forward to a new year, a new cycle, and another chance to go through it all again, but this time with more knowledge, more friends, more fans, and more style.

But for now, it's still Labor Day, and while I am sitting here at my desk with the store open, I'm going to be taking it easy and enjoying the moment of right now.

Softly Sparkling

Video called "Softly Sparkling" via Sleepy Faun. Charming and vintage-y. My favorite part of course is socks with sandals.


September 2009 Window

I really need to learn how to take better photos through the store window...regardless, here is September's window in a back to school/fall state of mind.

Weekend In The Poconos

As Deluxa is fast approaching its one year anniversary, unbelievably, we've only sneaked away on our own this last weekend for our first get away since this whole thing began.

It doesn't look like August, but it was beautiful, serene, and completely regenerative. We BBQed, went for a drive, swam, saunaed, drank wine, played tennis, pet cute kitties, hung out with good friends over great dinner, listened to good music, slept in comfy beds, all the things normal people do. Relaxing.

Huge thanks to our friends J & K (K of the fantastic Modern Good Life) for letting us stay in their amazing and inspiring home.

Now that we are back though, lots more updates and good news and great vintage to come!