Polaroids of Plants

Squirreled these away some time ago from Flickr. Sorry no credit that I've kept track of, but still so lovely...

New in the Etsy Shop!

After a bit of neglect, the Etsy shop is updated with some great new items:

Pinocchio Coat Hook, $28

Briard (possibly) Chip And Dip, $21

Murano Pair of Beagle-Like Dogs, SOLD

Pair Pottery and Teak Table Lamps, SOLD

Rare Promotional Divided Casserole with Lid and Warmer in Constellation, SOLD


Edward Wormley for Drexel Precedent Cocktail Table

Scooped this baby up--she's seen some better days, but I think she'll come through alright...

Didn't get any right and proper before photos, but that's her with half the finish removed, and obviously some velvety late July sunset.

Identical table on 1st dibs can be found here. I called up the studio and inquired, and the figure made me blush. Can't say I'm going to be reaching quite so astronomically, but I'm excited to hopefully restore a good piece of design, and to further my salvaging and improvement skills, and to get pass something nice on to a new good life.

We're Fleabags!

Hooray! We're joining the Brownstoner (Dear Brownstoner--I love you) project Brooklyn Flea in Dumbo this Sunday, August 2nd, under the Brooklyn Bridge. I checked out the new Dumbo flea a couple weeks ago and am happy to share that Deluxa will be in some very good company.

It's a beautiful neighborhood, a beautiful walk from the train, a beautiful community scene, and hopefully a beautiful day--and what could be more the epitome of the modern Brooklyn we love?

Aside from the actual Flea, isn't their site/blog header fantastic?


New Arrivals!

Shabby Chic Vanity, SOLD

Chest with Display Hutch, $650. SOLD

A. Games poster of London Zoo, circa 1976, SOLD

Dixie Midcentury Dresser, SOLD


August Window

It's early I know, but our cute NYC Department of Education sold to a nice girl on Cheever Place--so an early peek at August's window including our newly reupholstered (by me!) Eames lounge-alike.


Lushpad Finds

Lushpad is kind of totally awesome if you haven't already discovered it. But hopefully you have.

Here are a few things that caught my eye today:


Hello Midcentury Modern Kitty

While keeping up with the wonders of the blog Hello Kitty Hell (which awesomely has brought to my attention this, this, and this) their latest post shows a pink house with Hello Kitty on the garage...

Hello Kitty aside, that looks potentially like a cool midcentury modern house (second pic I cropped and enlarged for a larger shot). Clere story windows, looks like a walled off private patio area, nice low wall in the front, one would cross their fingers for walls of windows in the back--I don't even mind the color that much. In all though, let's hope the owners (and that Mickey) get their heads out of their butts and treat this beauty with the style it deserves.

DISCLAIMER: I do own several Hello Kitty items, which I love very much. They are all cute and demure and not on anything so large as a garage door.


Lofty Cravings

Been dreaming hard about lofts lately...


DIY Modern Bunny Hutch on Design Curiosities

As a die hard bunny lover myself, I have to say I am hugely jealous and impressed with Nicole from Design Curiosities' modern bunny hutch for their bunny Eames (best bunny name ever!) made from Ikea parts. Thankfully she also published DIY instructions for the other bunny lovers out there.

Our own comparatively shameful bunny condo will have to do for now, but someday, someday...

While we're on the subject though, I'll introduce my two beasties, Bernina on the left (like the sewing machine) and Belikin on the right (as in the national beer of Belize).

Eva Zeisel Hallcraft Caprice Finds

My collection is growing...

Found these Eva Zeisel Hallcraft pieces in "Caprice" (2 dinner plates, a luncheon plate, 2 bread plates, and 2 saucers--score!) and am in MCM heaven. The pattern is gorgeous, and the shapes are masterpieces. Organic and offset slightly, they have an intrinsic humanistic quality that makes using them, even for just holding a sandwich, special.

Coming soon, a post on my beloved Town and Country Zeisel...

Also if you're a TED fan, a talk with Zeisel on the playfulness of beauty can be found here.


Oh Man, Er, Lady

I'm a big Saul Steinberg fan--how have I miss this my whole life until just today??!?!!

Via 2 or 3 Things I Know.


July's Window

It's a bit late getting to the blog, but here is July's breakfasty window:


Millimetrik's Northwest Passage

Luxa had the privilege to play a show with Pasquale Asselin of Millimetrik a while back, and he was kind enough to let us carry his incredibly impressive red vinyl pressing (we have the CD too) of Northwest Passage in store. Not only is the packaging and design amazing, the music is of the highest caliber as well.

Listen to Millimetric on MySpace here.

Become a fan on facebook here.

Stop by the store and check out the vinyl in person, or the equally well designed CD.

Here is also a cool video of a skate park (in the middle of the woods it seems!) set to a Millimetrik track. Worth checking out.


Check Out Our Sold Furniture

Now you can check out our sold furniture via a link on our website connecting to flickr. If you see something you like let us know and we can contact you if we find something similar!

Check it out here!


New Arrivals!

Some great new finds in store and up on Craigs List!

Rolling Office Chair, $65 SOLD

Diner Style Bench Seat and Pedestal Table, $475 SOLD

Spaghetti Pendant Lamp, $80 SOLD

Gooseneck Double Fixture Floor Lamp with Table, $175 SOLD

Space Age Mirror, $225

Much much more in store and hitting the etsy store in the near future!