I did mention an interest in Tumblr about a month ago, and have been happily going at it since. While I don't participate on it socially (although a quick peek now and then, especially here, is worth while), I do really like using it as my own special keepsake deposit of images that inspire me as I wonder around the internets. I also like how it hooks up to your Twitter account incoming feeds, so it is one less place to go. Further in the social-ese firmament, I've been using my personal Buzz a bit here and there in a similar way, connected with my Google Reader shares and this blog, but while that seems more a platform for sharing content other people may like, Tumblr (for me) is what I use quite specifically for what I like, without feeling so much like I'm imposing. Here is my Tumblr, if you'd like me to impose. The account has also made its way into the sidebar, which I'm really enjoying having there as gratuitous eye candy.

On a somewhat related note, I tumbld this, and can't get it out of my head. I have no apologies. There are some awesome moments to this song.

Lisa Hanawalt

I am so majorly disappointed I missed out on artist Lisa Hanawalt's shirt on Tee Fury. Tee Fury features a different designed tee available for sale for 24 hours or until they sell out. I missed the boat on Hanawalt's, but luckily found her website featuring lots of other similar work. Below follows my beloved "Kitty Biker" image, followed by some other favorites from her portfolio. I also bought her comic "It's Sexy When People Know Your Name", can't wait to get it in the mail.








Market Publique


For those of you who may be a fan on Facebook, you may remember some time ago when I shared a tip on the new vintage online market place Market Publique. In a round about way I ended up getting in contact with one of the founders, Pamela, who also runs the awesome blog.

In short, MP is alot like Etsy, but for vintage clothing hounds, way way better. There is room for hosting many more and much larger photos (without having to click to zoom in, and really, with clothing, you need more than just 5 pictures), a much more clothing-friendly layout, a way hipper aesthetic and logo (really Etsy? that's the best you can do on a logo?), and maybe the best part: selectivity of sellers. This means you don't have to sift through five thousand posts of some crazy lady trying to convince you that something that is butt-ugly isn't. No crappy photos, no faux Hong Kong "vintage", no 5 seasons old Target clothes. It's a big sigh of aesthetic relief for the vintage clothing shopper.

Lucky for us, we've been made members, joining the likes of NYC neighbors Amarcord, Boston's Artifaktori, along with MP's very own selections. I've only got a few items up, but many more soon to follow. Here's a photo of a belted leather coat that is a MP exclusive:


And just look how cute Pamela is!


Sold: Midcentury Modern Full Headboard

IMG_0228 copy

Late 1950’s midcentury modern headboard. Slots for rails or holes for bed frame are in posts. Full only; measures 38” tall, 55.5” wide, 3” deep. Good vintage condition.


Luxa Show Tonight


Luxa show tonight at the Bell House, with Mark Van Hoen and Ulrich Schnauss. Shoegaze sounds better when it's snowing.


It's The Home Stretch of Winter

...guess what I'm daydreaming about.






Awesome font on the Venture's "Surfing". Great logo for Del Fi Records, too.

Pulled from Benjamin D. Hammond's great photostream.


Modernism Magazine Tear Sheets

A while ago a friend gave me a stack of back issues of Modernism. Here's a few favorites I scanned:


Oh, to be those girls...


I cropped this rather wonkily, but the one black cushion on the pair of chairs makes me swoon. A Jacobsen Egg never hurts either.


The lightest poured concrete ever.

SCAN0077 copy

If this were my door, I'd come and go from home all day just for the approach.


Growing up in California, and going to elementary, junior high and high schools highly influenced by 60s modernism, there's always nostalgia for open work brick. Someday I'll have a house with pretty shadows.


The house, devastating. And in Mexico. AND WITH A PUPPY.


Sunrise Mart

Thank you Sunrise Mart, for the endless inspiration, weirdness, and MSG. And tasty handsome cans of milk coffee.


Looks straight out of a late 50's school book, no?


Stills from Luxa Visuals

luxa visuals

luxa visuals6

luxa visuals2

luxa visuals4

luxa visuals5

luxa visuals1

Been spending a lot of time lately making video visuals for the upcoming Luxa show on the 25th at the Bell House with Mark Van Hoen and Ulrich Schnauss. Both these guys not only produce incredibly moving music, but with their live shows, they produce equally incredible visuals. Here is a peek at some stills from our first stab at editing moving images to music so hopefully we won't so starkly pale in comparison...

Here is a link to a Luxa song, Red Rover, to check out, and here is a video of "On Your Love" that's in the vein of where our show visuals are going.

Buy tickets here.


SOLD: Nystrom Pull Down US Map


Vintage pull down map of US including Hawaii and Alaska. Bold, bright colors, nice fonts throughout. Completely charming wall art. In overall fair vintage condition. Some fraying and decay at edges, one large rip that has been repaired on reverse side, hardly noticeable from front. Comes with fabric satin ribbon for hanging. Can be extended to show full extent including Alaska, Hawaii, Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, and Panama Canal. As shown, map measures 50” long by 48” wide.



Sold: Set of Four Pollock Chairs

Set of 4 Pollock chairs.


Luxa Opening for Mark Van Hoen and Ulrich Schnauss

My band, Luxa, is opening for Mark Van Hoen and Ulrich Schnauss at the Bell House on February 25th. While I am of course excited to play the show, I completely cannot wait to get to see Mark Van Hoen and Ulrich Schnauss on the same bill. It is such a complete honor to be on the bill with these two greats.

Here's a favorite MVH song:

Here's a favorite Ulrich Schnauss song:

Here's the press release for the show too, with all the juicy details:

"Ulrich Schnauss is best known for his hand in the resurgence of 90’s shoegaze, influenced particularly by My Bloody Valentine, Ride, and Slowdive. With these influences, Schnauss has taken the shoegaze-defining wash of sound from a different approach, relying heavily on electronics rather than guitars to produce an analogous effect. On top of his three successful albums Far Away Trains Passing By, A Strangely Isolated Place, and EP Goodbye, Schnauss has remixed countless bands from Depeche Mode to Asobi Seksu to Mojave 3 to A Sunny Day in Glasgow. Schnauss has announced plans to release an album of selected remixes entitled Missing Deadlines, available on March 22th on Rocket Girl Records. In collaboration with Loveless Music Group, Schnauss has remixed, performed, and toured with New York shoegaze bands Soundpool, Elika, Dead Leaf Echo, Project Skyward, and Mahogany as well as Luxa.

While the name Mark Van Hoen may not immediately garner as much recognition as Schnauss, his reach and influence is arguably as authoritative. As an original member of Seefeel, the BBC noted, “In a brief listen one can hear the influence on Boards of Canada’s damaged melodies and dense claustrophobia, more so than even the usual suspects like Aphex Twin.” After tours with Massive Attack, Orbital, and opening for Slowdive, Van Hoen formed Scala with three members of Seefeel, releasing three albums. Van Hoen has also released four albums as Locust, including the electronic masterpieces Morning Light and Playing with Time, succeeding at infusing electronic music with moving emotional swells. Among his many production credits, Van Hoen has produced multiple titles for Mojave 3 and Sing Sing (Emma Anderson of Lush), as well as Seven Principles of Leave No Trace by Edison Woods.

Van Hoen will be releasing a new album, Where Is the Truth, in late February, his first in over five years. The Bell House performance will also be Van Hoen’s first in several years to feature backing musicians, including members of Edison Woods and Anthony and The Johnsons, accompanying his heavily visual and electronic performance."

Check out Luxa on MySpace, lastFM, or Facebook.

The Sam Avedon Chair

My Sam Avedon chair.

Theresa Goldberg's Sam Avedon chairs on Apartment Therapy.

Paper Pony's Sam Avedon chair.

Kvanhorn's refurb project on an Avedon chair.

Kvanhorn's other refurbished Avedon arm chair.

I did say I was thinking about selling my Avedon chair, but I think she's a keeper. She's like the spunky funky younger sister of a Herman Miller side shell. My favorite details are the just right tapers of the legs, and relationship between the inner/outer view of the scoop at the hips. The plastic on mine is a bit discolored and aged, which I think is somewhat typical from looking closely at these few other pics I could find. The blue is quite adorable, as is the white (see here).


Panton Flower Pot Lamp

Dear Flower Pot Lamp,

I have a perfect spot for you in my office. Please come over soon. I'll even take a cute enough knock off.