Parker and Lily "Mandarin"

Found these guys and am falling fast.

A Girl Can Dream

We've got friends that live in the most lovely house in the Poconos in this very development. While their house takes the cake, this one comes awfully close, with a little imagination, one hundred and twenty five thousand dollars, a car, and some tweaks (such as like tearing out the carpet and office lighting right now, and replacing it with some bamboo eco-friendly something-er-other) what an awesome pad this would be.

Deck and balcony and screened in porch?

Carpet, no, fan, no, couch--can I have it?

George Nelson lamp going here...

High gloss paint for the fire place. No TVs. Style up that mantel something crazy.

Yes, please.

Violet attack! But some salvation, maybe, is that a semi-cute fixture over the bed?

Ack! Office ceilings! But some good windows, room for man cave.

Can you leave the bar stools?

Three bedroom, two bath, walk in closet, two fire places, and what looks like a great view. Full listing here. Maybe I should add this to my Xmas list?

From Habit

A sweet blog that I came across, Habit, had this photo posted and couldn't help but share.

Alvar Aalto Studio Tour

Bowled. Over. Kicking myself for selling my Aalto stool and chairs now... Full tour and lots more incredible photos over at Apartment Therapy.

These perfect flat files.

The chairs, the pendant lamps, all those little boxes, SWOON.

The light.


Dear Santa,

Just a few things...

All three dresses available at Tapouillon Vintage.

I love you, bunny; at OutOfThePinkSky.

I've had this eel skin bag in my favorites FOREVER and am amazed someone hasn't scooped it up yet...crossing my fingers that "Santa" (cough, Andy, cough) will pick it up for me. Available at MentaEra.


Mint Pole Tension Lamp with Box

Mint condition pole tension lamp in store with the original box it was stored in--not even the slightest layers of dust or wear! Casts gorgeous turquoise light... Available in store for $245 or on Etsy. Hoping to get a preview of our Pennsylvania finds up later today too!


We're going to be closed Wednesday and Thursday for the holiday. Happy Thanksgiving!


It Is Happening Again

Beach House, "Silver Soul" from Teen Dream.

***bummer video/song isn't up anymore, but knowing you, you can find it somewhere 'round these internet parts


Some of the Latest From Etsy

Here's just a peek at some of the latest from our Etsy postings--check them out if you're starting to think about Xmas!!!



New Arrivals!

Full size headboard, $280

Boomerang Tile Top Coffee Table, $380

Danish Lounge Chair with Mustard Uphulstry, $300 SOLD

Midcentury Wood Tallboy Dresser, $340 SOLD


VW Bus

This guy has been parked on our block for a couple of days now, teasing me with its infinite cuteness and kayak. Er, canoe. Just thought I'd share...


Deluxa Music Mix

Download the music mix of our in store favorites. Unlike that time you wore overalls in the 90's and thought it looked okay--this, you won't regret.

PS. Snow in Mexico's EP is available in store.

Click here to download.

On the CL

Don't forget you can keep up with our current furniture selection on CraigsList!


DIY Bead Chandlier

Can't say enough how in love I am with this DIY project on Design*Sponge. IN. LOVE.

Click here for directions.


Doris Day and Gene Nelson "The Lullaby of Broadway"

Love Doris Day. Always have...

November 2009 Window


Because I Was In Love

Just couldn't resist sharing these more/better pics of the metal wood print drawer set in store.

Just couldn't resist sharing these more/better pics of the metal wood print drawer set in store.

PS. Here's some pics of the Hans Wegner Heart Chair now available too...MCMmmmmm...