Boat Letters

I just got in the store these amazing letters salvaged from retiring boats. So many beautiful typefaces and great layers of paint and wear and character. I also have a bowl full of plastic letters, which are almost as beautiful, but still completely charming. Don't you love them? I was geekily into checking out each one as I was alphabetizing on my picture rails.

$3 each, plastic letters are $2 each.

Two Weeks in a Row!

We're in this weeks Time Out New York again this week by golly! Thanks Time Out--you're the best!

From the online edition, excerpted from the larger article about exploring Carroll Gardens' Italian heritage:

Crossing the highway again, stop by boutique Deluxa (187 Sackett St between Hicks and Henry Sts, 347-721-3401) for an outfit you might have worn to St. Stephen’s 50 years ago: long white gloves ($9) and a pink flower dress ($30). The colorful shelves also stock retro housewares, furniture and whimsical items—like a $25 red squeezebox.

Pick up a copy and check us out in print!

By the way, I've recently been enlightened as to how the content varies from the online to the print editions, with some overlap, so TONY print addicts be sure to browse the website from time to time.


Boombox by Ely Kim

BOOMBOX from Ely Kim on Vimeo.

Be sure to check out the track listings on the original Vimo post.


Some Saturday Etsy-in'

Some fun things I found today...

I love all things bunny. Because of these guys. Silver leather ZAI toy made by a fabulous couple living in one of the most beautiful and unique apartments I've ever seen.

Got a chuckle. Visit Able and Game's Etsy store here. Tons of (self deprecating?) hilarious cards. Also, make sure to catch the asterisk footnote to this card.

Gorgeous vintage plastic beads ($6.75 for 40 assorted! steal!) on Peppermint Soda. They have a huge selection too.

Fantasy Wall Hanging

That's sandpaper...

I've got this in the store hanging behind my desk, and though its not really for sale, I love sharing it and am completely in awe of the creativity of whoever made it.


We're in this weeks Time Out New York!


From the online edition:

Formerly called Go Fish!, which was then run out of the front of a vintage-loving couples’ ground floor apartment, Deluxa is the same concept, but bigger and better. Now owned by Kristen Stocks (another vintage hound) the store has expanded to fill the entire first floor, making it feel airier and less cramped—which is a good thing, given just how much stuff fills the shop. Quirky and colorful are the guiding design principles and they extend to fashion and accessories, furniture and housewares—even music. Funky ’50s wall clocks, weird barware and an amazing selection of Danish modern furniture is all arranged in lovely tableaux. The clothing is in pristine condition (with a few designer labels mixed in) and the prices are much lower than anything you’d find in the East Village. Stocks is incredibly friendly and helpful, so if she thinks that floral shift looks horrible on you, she’ll let you know in the nicest possible way. 187 Sackett St between Henry and Hicks St, Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn (347-721-3401, deluxanyc.com)—EW

Thanks, Time Out! I've loved you ever since I met you, and now I love you more!


We're on Tea for Me!

I'm a little late on picking this up, but we got a cute little mention on Tea for Me, which is a cute lifestyle blog. I love that she tagged the post with the phrases "Dressed Up with Somewhere to Go" and "If I Were an Interior Designer" among her other tags including "La Musique", and "Food on the Brain".

Tea for Me, come on down! We'd love to meet you!

Panda Riot's Loveless Music Group MP3 Mix

Over at Loveless Music Group, Andy Durutti has been posting MP3 mixes by some of Deluxa's favorite and featured bands. One of the latest by Panda Riot really caught my ear as super-duper-perfect for the Deluxa vibe: weirded out retro sounds, pop-y but credible, classic in sound but all great new discoveries.

Check it out here:

A mix by Brian of Panda Riot (who if you haven't checked out, you should--they're another mainstay on the Deluxa playlist)

1 Panis
Et Circenses.mp3
Os Mutantes
2 lights
The Mobius Band
3 Alpha
Boards of Canada
4 I`m
Afraid They`re All.mp3
5 High
Writer At Home.mp3
6 Untitled
(Shes Goin Bald).mp3
The Beach Boys
7 My
Ice Cast.mp3
Lucky Pegasus
8 Im
With You.mp3
9 Nin-Com-Pop.mp3
Lali Puna
10 Bread.mp3
On! Air! Library!
11 Led
Byrd - unknown song.mp3
12 Everybodys
Harry Nilson

Here's a link to all the blog mixes on LMG, including Ulrich Schnauss, Dead Leaf Echo, Auburn Lull, Slow, Manual, Winterlight, Monocle, and Rex Nexus. Whats great about the player on the page also is that it streams from playlist to playlist through everything listed on the page, so you can just start the first mix and listen for hours.


Hey Jade!

I got this record in the store yesterday. Its the Beatles on Chinese vinyl, out on "First Record" called "Hey Jade". The record is warped and scratched, and the "sleeve" is really a piece of standard weight paper that has been sealed in plastic , and doesn't have a bottom to actually keep the record from falling out.

My favorite things about it though are the misspelled titles printed on the front including:

"Hey Jade"
"Sgt Peppers Clonely Club Band"
"When I'm Sixty Fonr"

The back seems to be a mash up of the lyrics copy from other record liner notes, copy pasted collage style.

I searched for any kind of info about the release, but it just seems so strange...

I've got it priced in the store at $50 to keep around at least as an oddity for a while. If anyone happens to know if its worth more or less, let me know!

Franny and Roey Vintage

I stumbled upon Franny and Roey's website for their Williamsburg, Brooklyn vintage store and think that they are fantastic. I love how they turned their store into a "bedroom" where you get to pillage the closets, flip through records, and enjoy what looks like some seriously fantastic vintage stuff. I also adore that they do in house alterations.

My grand tour of Williamsburg vintage stores has been long over due, but Franny and Roey are first on my list! Here's some pics from their website:

You can also friend them on MySpace!


AAA Vintage Maps

I finally took a good look at my stack of maps today and was really into how cool the art is on "New Jersey" and "Southeastern". The strange numerical stamps add to the cache too I think.

Small maps, $4 each.


Atlantic Avenue-Pacific Street

I feel really strongly about how awesome this is:

the Museum of Modern art is putting on exhibit reproductions of their masterpieces filling the Atlantic Avenue-Pacific Street subway stop. The website is here.

I've always kind of loved that stop. I think I'll love it more to see it like this:

I've never (purposely?) taken a train to only see a station, but I'm thinking about seeing this tomorrow.


Pyrex Love

I love it when the internet has answers! I've poked around eBay for the names of different Pyrex pieces, seeing whats out there, drooling over the classic "primary colors" set, which my mother has as it belonged to her mother:

for sale on eBay here.

But lo and behold when I wondered about how there must be a better way to identify my Pyrex in store, like duh, ask the internet! A quick search of "guide to vintage Pyrex" landed me on the great Pyrex Love website, with a great photo guide to patterns, FAQ section, and tons of other info. I learned a lot about the pieces I've got in store, and what I want to keep an eye out for. I'd highly recommend checking out their website with its cool articles about how to clean Pyrex, commonly mistaken Pyrex pieces, and other fun stuff. Some of my favorite patterns are "dandelion duet", this unnamed"floral", "spring blossom" (I [personally] have a set!), "starburst"--really there are just so many that are eye catching and covet worthy its hard to pick favorites, just go to the site and browse for yourself!

Here's what I've got in the store right now that's strictly Pyrex--I've also got lots of Fire King, Federal, Inland Glass, and GlasBake.

Large Cinderella "Butterprint" bowl, in need of some cleaning still, $15.

Covered casserole in "Floral Bubbles". Apparently on the website there is some confusion about the printing on the lid. With a specimen in hand here, I can confirm that yes, the flowers are printed on both sides of the glass! $16

"Daisy" oval divided serving dish, $14.

Two "Butterfly Gold" bowls, 1 pt and 1/2 qt, $8 and $12.

"Golden Grapes" Cinderella bowl, 4 qts. This design is special because there is color both on the outside and the inside of the bowl. $18

"Town and Country" Cinderella mixing bowl, 2 qt., $9

"Snowflake" casserole, $10.

"Spring Blossom" Cinderella mixing bowl, 2 qt., $12.