Oh, Belikin

Here are some more pics of our bunny Belikin from around the studio. Oh, Belikin!


New Arrivals!

Knoll square table, $250. Sam Avedon chair...debating still to keep or sell--isn't it adorable?

Bill Stephens for Knoll arm chairs with nice black hopsack, $320.

Saarinen tulip stool in red velvet, SOLD

Saarinen tulip stool in black, SOLD

Knoll Bill Stephens rolling office chairs. SOLD

Set of 4 Knoll Pollock chairs, $650.

Listings for all are up on Craigslist with details. Pollock chairs and Saarinen stools are also up on Ebay.


9031, Retro Clock Screensaver and Other Nostalgia

Just discovered 9031 via the Herman Miller Blog, and their especially cool retro time clock screen saver. Lots of other goodies too--quite possibly my most favorite new website since...well never mind. My favorite gems so far: plywood trashcan icon for Mac OS, the soon to be released font "No Problem", and photos like this.

In all, all the content, even and perhaps most notably, the user experience (early Mac icons, download links of scans of hard disks with handwritten labels or 90's Earthbound-esqe graphics, and much much more) it all completely smacks of a time of computer/Nintendo nostalgia that is book ended by the Oregon Trail in DOS and the reign of AOL--a good time for computers, graphics, and discovery, at the tip of the iceberg. Dive in, soak it up, and remember the early excitement of the internet.

Download the time clock here.


Matthew Lyons and Tumblr

Discovered thorough the impeccable Scott Hansen of ISO50 the work of 21 year old Matthew Lyons. Here's a little tease of some of his excellent retro inspired illustrations:

It seems the more you study his work , you can really see how he takes the stylized geometries of the vintage style but turns things slightly askance, a little Gorillaz, a little sinister, a little awesome. Also, these look better larger, so click the pics to achieve full awesomeness.

After looking through Lyons portfolio, I also came across his Tumblr account, and am now a Tumblr convert. Here are just a few of his jewels--can't wait to build a collection of my own...

Let the hoarding begin!


British Hong Kong Summer

Get it here.

Get it here.

Get it here.

These British Hong Kong purses on Etsy are making me dream of summer... If you follow the link on the first one, check out the lining.


Silje Nes

#23.1 Silje Nes - Bright Night Morning from Handheld Shows on Vimeo.

A Word on Our Virtual Stores

So, as it looks as we're going internet only (there should be a better word for this, no?), it seems the old Etsy shop just wasn't going to quite cut it. We've made some great contacts there, some faithful customers, and have been favorited close to 350 times, but with the thought of putting our entire inventory online, it would seem that the store would become a glut of inventory all in one place. Some stores seem to thrive in this, having twenty, thirty pages of vintage goods. Me, when I see that, I turn tail and search more selective vintage pastures where I can cherry pick what I'm looking for. Thus, the decision to open two new stores.

The original store is going to linger on for a bit longer until the other stores are thriving a bit more. Oh, and of course, the new stores, which are, (drum roll.........) DeluxaHome and DeluxaClothing. I showed off the new banners a while back, which are indeed in place, along with more right and proper shop policies, more accurate shipping information and options, and more specialized categories for properly swimming through all that is Deluxa. At least on Etsy, that is.

If you've been watching our furniture from afar, good news! We're selling on eBay now, which I think I've mentioned, but here is an official temporary link to us as a "seller" (we've got to earn our wings before we can get a right and proper eBay store)--we are "DeluxaModern".

Oh yeah, and I did a new Twitter background. And I'm uploading current furniture to our Facebook account to keep up there as well.

New official phone number to be installed Thursday as well.

I think I need a nap.

As A Lover Of Sharpies

I'm in love with Long Live Analog's work on a pitch for Sharpie. I kid you not: from where I sit, I have, within arms reach, no less than seven Sharpies, including silver, fine point purple, and ultra fine point lime green. I'm thinking of taking an hour off tomorrow to doodle in the afternoon sun...


Mention in EAT Magazine

A little while back, Sharon Mah emailed me a few questions about vintage kitchenware for an article in EAT Magazine out of British Columbia. It is quite a nice article, I especially like the part where another vintage collector equates vintage kitchenware with the "comfort food" of kitchen tools. Full article here.


Today's Pics

Koala wall hanging, $60. Monkeypod bowl, $22. Porcelain lamp, $34. Lampshades (one pictured, sold as pair), $55. Set of 4 calico place mats, sold. Set of 8 Bombay hors d'ouvres forks, $5 (several sets available). Pole lamp, with original box in near mint condition, sold. Transparent blue vase, $65. Log bowl, sold.

At this point, I've got my new Etsy stores finally lined up (thank you Etsy support!), the furniture starting to get up for sale/auction on eBay, and TONS of photo'ed listings needing to be added, going all the way back to the Aloft photo shoot, up through some of the newer things that have been popping up here on the blog.

Wish me luck with my slow (building provided) internet! Today was day three of the requisite hour-long phone calls with Verizon, looking to get an individual (and speedy! oh I miss you speed!) DSL account. They are going to "update" me on Wednesday as to why it is they can't seem to figure out how to give me service...


The New Place

agrees with The Bunnies. And vice versa.


Don't Forget

You can add us as a fan, follow us on Twitter, become a follower on Blogger, or add us to your RSS reader.

You can also visit us in person. Our new showroom/loft space open for visits Thursday through Saturday, 1pm to 7pm, or by appointment. It is a live/work space for us, so appointments are easy.

57 Thames St.
Suite 4A
Brooklyn, NY 11237

917.559.7950, new 718 number coming next week.

New Shots

Hans Wegner Heart Chair, SOLD. Available on Ebay or showroom direct sale. Abstract painting, signed "Bachman", $340. Also available on eBay or direct.

I'm working on figuring the whole eBay profile/store thing out. In general, I love eBay, but they don't do any favors to make it any simpler. I have to get feedback and some other blah blah blah before I'm cleared for an official eBay store...

Desk Shopping

Seeing how my favorite vintage 300 lb Steelcase desk--the first piece of furniture I owned in New York before I even owned a bed--my fantastic and perfectly functional and linen print laminate top desk does not fit through my new office door by a long shot, I spent a few minutes (okay, I went through all eleven pages) on 1stdibs cruising for a new fantasy desk.

The contenders:

Studio BBPR "Spatzio" Desk by Olivetti. Leather top. Painted metal. The mini safe. The floating top. The incredible handles.

Prouve Avion Desk, oak and green painted metal. It's like the most gorgeous school teacher desk you ever saw, with those oh so Prouve legs. I love too how it is already rather beat up. In my live work space, my desk will be (and had been) the single most used piece of furniture. Wear and tear will happen. Coffee will be spilled, sharpies will bleed through. I do use exacto knives, and not always carefully. Shit goes down, and I am going to need a desk to be down with me.

A classic white laqure Paul McCobb Planner Group Desk. Basic, simple, sexy little drawer pulls. I'm sure this one would inspire me to tidy minimalism. Maybe not a bad thing.

Wacky and charming Czech desk from the 30's. Hard to believe it's from the '30s, but doesn't mean I love it less. I can be friends with that steel tubing and burled oak, no problemo.

And this one, you are my favorite. Ever since I saw this d*s Sneak Peak, I've been dying for some fluorescent. And actual metal painted vintage florescent French desk from Le Centre Pompidou. With separate filing cabinet. And wacky feet and corner joints. And overall awesomeness. Winner.