Bell Heir

Bell Heir sells beautiful vintage clothing for babies and children. Here's a few of my faves, but check out their site for more super sweet inventory.


Wood You?

Just found this great site that I'm sure to be making great use of: Antique and Vintage Woods of America. Never fails that a customer will pick out the one wood piece that I'm totally clueless about and ask one of those you're-the-owner-so-don't-you-know-everything questions: "What kind of wood is this?" My reply is often some version of, "Minunno. But it's purty!"--but not anymore with this site! Just look at how gorgeous some of their shots of the vintage wood grains are:


White Oak


Heart Pine

Their descriptions of the individual woods are also quite lovely, like this description of White Oak:

Many believe White Oak to be America's most popular choice for wood flooring. It's easy to see why when looking at the characteristics of the wood, including a robust grain and brownish/tan color. It holds off the elements well because of its dense hardwood classification. White Oak is common to our area of NY state.

White Oak is as attractive as it is strong and stable, and was the choice for builders in early America who looked for a wood that could withstand rot and wear for many years as part of a home and barn. It was also the favorite of craftsmen in England for ships, flooring, cabinets and furniture.

If that isn't enough to get your fill of wood, I highly recommend the blog It's (K)not Wood dedicated to all things faux bois (fancy pants French for fake wood). Here's some of my favorite features:



Luxa playing the Octoraro.

Bernina and Belikin.

The ever-lovely Meg.

Me at Ben's Pizza on West 3rd St.

Vintage roller skates, in store or on Esty! See sidebar!

Super duper ridiculously cute application Poladroid that converts any of your photos to Polaroid like images. Download it now (free! yippie!) and be glad you aren't spending $10 a pack for film! It even makes the little whirring sound, and takes time to "develop". A nice touch too--you can choose when you want the pic to stop developing. So much fun to get a whole bunch going and arranging them around on the screen like actual Polaroids. Really, the coolest thing I've found on the internet since this.

Can't deny the tag line either: "The easiest and funnest Polaroid image maker". Word.

For a Chuckle.

Via Made You Look.

Laurel Lamps

I'd always thought that a "Laurel lamp" was a kind of description for a lamp, but lo and behold, its actually a lamp manufacturer from the 1960's. Sadly the internet has not dug up much info that I can find regarding the company and their catalog, but I have found some primo examples of some sweet sweet lamps:

I plucked all of these off of 1st dibs, except the first all yellow one that's on ebay here (a steal! buy it now $220), so beware they all have rather high (4 figures and up) prices.

I managed to snag a small table Laurel lamp myself (thus prompting the research), but it is in need of some electrical repair...full post to come in all its lit up modernist glory in the near future.


Ready to Drool?

New furniture arrivals...

Vinyl swiveling rocker, $210.

Insanely gorgeous sectional with gold flecked fabric, $675.

The most beautiful tile top table I've ever seen. Ever. $400.

Metal kitchen storage hutch. I've got one similar to this in my studio that I adore. $175. Really good shape, too.

Classic circular stacking tables with marble print tops, $80.


Some of My Favorte Pics

From Luxa's mini tour over Easter Weekend:

The beautiful Kim of Screen Vinyl Image.

At the Octoraro.

Favorite dress of all time. And Smurf tights.

Handsome amps.

On stage at the Velvet Lounge. DC.


I Gasped

Outloud when I saw this on Swiss Miss.

Packa Pappas Kapps├Ąck, 2006 | (Pack Daddy’s Suitcases) by Michael Johansson

Shared Space

Such a great use of old and new. Couches uphulstered with scrap fabric, antique rug with color block tape stripes. basic shelving painted bright blue and arranged fantastically on the wall. Such a great example too of how a small budget doesn't have to equal small results. Click here for the full post from www.bertjanpot.nl .

Lots of other great designs on their site, including and oversize floppy chair called "lazy basterd" just featured in the latest issue of Dwell.


Charles Schridde

This is just one of his awe inspiring illustrations for Motorola in the early 60's. Researching more history on these ads is something I've been wanting to get into forever...although there seems to be quite a bit of info over here.

Minus the double face barometer clock (my grandparents had one though!), this is just one of the many ultimate fantasy houses he's illustrated that I would DIE for. DIE. Well, maybe not actual death, because then what good is the house...but a limb, or even two would be up for discussion...

Do yourself a huge favor and click on the picture to appreciate all the detail--then wipe the drool from your face.

Luxa Going on Tour

The band is going on tour this week: Thursday, DC; Friday Philadelphia; Saturday Oxford, PA; and Sunday at Fontanas here in good ole NYC (Easter Sunday!). Deluxa of course will still be open though!

In other news, DiskUnion in Japan just placed a wholesale order for all the Self Storage Recordings titles, so if you're on that side of the world, check out our new releases there in the upcoming weeks...


Brooklyn Now Spring Summer 2009 Out Now

The new Spring/Summer edition of the latest Brooklyn Now guide came out today with deluxa included.

They're great resources for exploring neighborhoods, and their slap happy neighborhood umbrella names are always fun. "Willpoint", har har.


Hidden Shoal Recordings CDs New in Stock

Cam Merton over at Hidden Shoal Recordings not only on top of being a super nice guy runs a super cool label. We've got a small selection in stock right now and hope to expand in the future, as their whole catalog is worth checking out. Our current new favorites that we've got in stock are Hotels, Fall Electric, Wes Willenbring, and My Majestic Star. We've also had longtime loves Monocle and Rich Bennett for a while

You can preview all of HSR's artist on their gorgeous website that's beautifully up to date.

Also, if you haven't been to Deluxa in a while, we've hooked up a set of nice headphones and an MP3 player for our own little listening station. Its the best music you've never heard, promise...links to all artists in stock here and many more to come in the coming months!

Back on Facebook!

So we're back on Facebook with a new spiffy right and proper business profile. Become a fan here!


Pic of Paul Simon