MMNY Featured Artist: Soundpool

From Soundpool's Myspace:

NYC based 5 piece shoegaze/space rock audio/visual recording artists with sweet girlie vox saturated guitar sounds lush synth arrangements and a danceable driving rhythm section who prefer to play out with the backdrop of self produced psychedelic visuals whenever they can.

Unfortunately when they will be playing in front of deluxa they will be sans visuals, but we're crossing our fingers some beautiful summer weather will make up for that. More than any other band I've seen Soundpool play tons of times and at tons of venues from their super cool loft parties to Bowery Ballroom to Piano's to the Bell House, and they never disappoint. Clearly they are hyper talented, symphonic masterminds that are sure to blow us away at MMNY.

Soundpool's current Japanese release of Dichotomies and Dreamland is available in store at deluxa!

Rumor has it they've got a new album out super soon, and if we're lucky we will get to hear some of the new material played for the first time live--triple cross your fingers for that!

Here is there incredible video for "Divides of March" and one of my favorite tracks from Dichotomies and Dreamland.

Soundpool - The Divides of March

Butterflies Soundpool.mp3

Soundpool Website (really well done! check it out!)
Soundpool Myspace
Soundpool Facebook

Vintage Postcard Jewelry Backings and New Book Display

Spent most of the day today cutting up postcards and grometting holes for new jewelry display backings. I'm pretty pleased with the results:

Also, there are so few of deluxa's famous boat letters left that the picture rails have been replaced with some light and not-so-light reading:

That's Will Rodgers biography on the left, a limited illustrated edition of Candide, and a pretty interesting book on Wall Street from 1955.


60's Beauty: Anna Karina

MMNY Featured Artist: Telltale

From their review on The Free Times:

Brooklyn’s Telltale showcases an intriguing mix of experimental no-wave, reverb-soaked post-punk, and dark shoegaze. Featuring Eric Gilstrap, Laurie Ruroden, Stephan Cherkashin, and Lauren Andino, the quartet's ear-splitting washes of guitar feedback, deadpan chants and ominous droning wastelands doesn't so much blanket you as it does envelop you, overpowering you with Sonic Youth caterwauls and JAMC-esque walls of sound. The music churns in a slow burn, awash in effects, but there’s an aggression lurking just beneath the surface that maintains an uneasy atmosphere. There’s also a healthy dose of reverb to help wash down all the gauzy noise... This will destroy you... and you will love every second of it.

I don't know if I can say it much better than that. I'm really looking forward to hearing them outside though--something about their hard driving sound I think will be especially well received. They are on around 1:30.

Stephan from Telltale will also be DJing later in the afternoon. He DJs regularly around the city and is one of the masterminds behind the sadly now defunct club Vanishing Point (but they still book shows!). He's sure to be spinning some great tunes in addition to creating some of the most gnarly guitar feed back you've ever heard in Telltale.

Telltale Myspace (I'd recommend Ammunitions)
Vanishing Point MySpace
Vanishing Point Facebook

DJ Stephan C


Favorite Shots from Summer 2009 Atomic Ranch

It's like Christmas morning when Atomic Ranch comes in the mail!

Loving that umbrella.

I spy...Laurel Lamp!

Loving this interior. The yellow wall, the purple couch. GIMMIE.

I spy Arteluce--I still have an upcoming blog post (hopefully tomorrow?) on this lamp company.

Scanned Vintage Greeting Cards

Morning Glory print

I love the drawn in paper clip and the desk calendar and the cherry blossoms. I think this one is my favorite...

I love the silver sandals and color and composition.

Oodles of poodles!

Clifford precursor?

I'm a softy for atomic stars.

All in store for $2.50 each.

New CDs in Store: Chat Blanc Records

Quebec based Chat Blanc Records puts out beautiful short run 3" CDs: each envelope lovingly hand cut, each cover hand stitched--and the best part about these gems, all of their releases feature some damn good music. Of the 8 releases we're currently carrying, I can honestly say they are all fantastic. Here's a list of the new artists:

Absent Without Leave
Biltmore Dive
The Chat Blanc Orchestra
General Bearing & Fashion Friends
The Great Mundane
Le Chat Blanc Orchestra
Meets Guitar
Stafrænn Hákon
Steiber Sound

Like I said, they are all fantastic, but I've been particularly in love with Golf's Tef Tef, and particularly the song below--and while this song is a great dream pop anthem if ever there was one, their range on the EP is actually quite broad from more somber instrumental electronics to bright and folksy, which makes me like this song all the more...

Golf Day by Day.mp3

All the new music has also been uploaded to our listening station so you can try before you buy. You can also check out our full music selection here.


New Arrivals

Silver Satchel, $18.

5 Fixture Pendant Lamp, $185

Red Flower Print Dress, $38

Black Mod Dress with Silver Buttons and Keyhole, $42

Detail of print on skirt, $18

Monogrammed Hardcase with Stars, $26

Nice new selection of big purses and bags, $12-42

Gold Sequin Beret, $22

"LA Lady" Black T-Strap Heels, size 6.5, $26



Just watched this cool video on the NYT series "Animated Life" of some re-edited and reprocessed 70's NYC footage. I can't find a link yet to repost here, so I grabbed a teaser screen shot...

Click here to watch the short film (2:06) and read the article.


More Pics from around the Store

DIY Projects

Today I finished rewiring my first lamp after a revamp. Found on the street, the lamp was originally in the category of Haute Tacky. Sadly no photo exists to document this, but take my word that some ugly 70's faux baroque flowers had pretty much attached themselves on the surface like leeches.

About 5 coats of white paint and $7 bucks in rewiring tools and two trips to the hardware store and three attempts at putting the lamp back together correctly and wired in the right order, a handfull of cuss words, and voila! An improvement, but not stellar. Something about the white being too white and the weather worn base contrasting a bit much. I did buy some gold spray paint as well (one of my favorite crafting tools of all time) and am considering the switch a la $1950 1st dibs recast Stiffels.

I'm considering it a learning piece, and am looking forward to more DIYs in lighting--and I owe a major major thanks to John of ilampe for putting me out on the right foot with this one, and putting up with my constant lamp troubles.

My second project that I started today is another street find. This sweet shaped bentwood chair with a broke cane seat. I got about half of it sanded down, and spent some serious hours wrestling with the old spline and webbing, and have a feeling this one is going to be a beauty. Already with the layer of grime and old varnish coming off, she's being coaxed into grace...


A Perfect Piece

Jenny at Little Green Notebook is in love with this fabric, and so am I!


We're On Last FM

If you like what you hear in the store, check out our Last FM profile.  I'd forgotten I'd signed up forever ago, so now we've got some serious stats on what we've been listening too.  Add us as a friend if you're into it!

There is also an extensive playlist of what we've got in-store up that I'd highly recommend putting on and enjoying for all 191 minutes.