April Window and Six Month Birthday!

I know its not April for a few more hours, but just thought I'd share the April store window with the pic that Amy from Apartment Therapy took (see full post below).

And, it is Deluxa's six month birthday tomorrow. Its been a labor of literal blood, sweat, tears, sparks, paint, more sweat, some cussing, some intense learning curves, some great laughs, some great new friends, and some immense satisfaction in being my own boss--and I must admit, a real sense of overall joy with how the past six months have unfolded, and a real sense of excitement for Deluxa's (and my) future.

Thanks to everyone who's help me get this far--especially my incredibly supportive family, the unending assistance and sacrifices of Andy, my fantastic friends, my adorable regular customers, my unbelievably lovely local community. --Kristen

(Notebook doodle, when it was just a sprout of an idea, sometime last August, a million years ago.)

Tight with Tights

Just found this blog Too Many Tights! (pshaw!) and am in looooove. I think a really sweet vintage dress with some living out loud tights is such a great way to update something that might look...dated. Think smurf blue with a pale prairie dress, bright yellow with blue trapeze dresses, patterned florals with pencil skirts... Some of my favorite images that are def working the tights-updating-vintage vibe:

Love it. Like a flip book, but better. Like a great old Sesame Street animation. Like a good trip. And, like a million times better than looking at the dark tunnel. Visible from the right side of a Manhattan-bound B or Q train just after the DeKalb Avenue.


We're on Apartment Therapy!

OMG OMG OMG. Ok, pull it together...YAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY!

Amy who came from Apartment Therapy was so completely awesome, and I'm totally flattered and flabbergasted at what a lovely post she did on Deluxa. Thanks Amy, you are the best!

From the post:

Deluxa is a well-stocked vintage store in Brooklyn with everything: clothing, furniture, housewares, home accessories and vintage art. You can literally outfit your entire life from this store (in vintage). There are two ways to stay updated on the store's offerings. First, be sure to check owner Kristen Stocks' frequently updated blog and the best way to get a look at the furniture in the store is the up-to-date furniture listings on craigslist. The were a lot of great items for sale in the store, but we did have one favorite...

Read the full post here, and giggle at little Belikin the bunny (he's an internet star!) below.

I also ended up reading a ton of Amy's posts, all of which are fantastic. Read Amy's work here.


A Micrometer from Here

From Crackle: a micrometer from here

Today's Table Lamps

Lookin' for a table lamp to light your corners?

Here's what we've got right now. Email or call for prices. Just a few pics below, but check out the full Flickr set above.

Late March Window

The amazing Hooker desk sold a couple weeks ago, so March got two windows!

Yep, that's a vintage pet carrier, $28, and vintage trunk (the inside is lined with a super cool graph-like paper $65.

25% Off All Clothing, All Weekend!

Ok, ok, sorry I'm a bit late posting on here, but I having a sale on all clothing this weekend. There is a fabulous Etienne Aigner trench that is just screaming to be picked up for those upcoming rainy days...

$170, $127 after discount!

Mint condition, cuff buckles, fully lined, belted, absolutely the most classic.

My Crush on Francis Lam

If a man sporting a tatoo of chopstick diagrams weren't enough to make a girl swoon...

From his bio on MediaBistro.com:

Francis Lam is a contributing editor at Gourmet magazine and writes a weekly column for gourmet.com. He is also a regular contributor to the Financial Times. His work has appeared in Wine and Spirits, New York Newsday, nymag.com, and in the 2006, 2007, and 2008 editions of Best Food Writing. He has also worked with several nonprofit organizations. He is a graduate of the University of Michigan, where he went on to teach writing and literature. He is also a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America and makes the meanest ratatouille. Francis' three tattoos represent each of the things most important in the world to him: food, art, and love.

Check out his online articles on Gourmet.com. All of them are great, I'd especially recommend reading the recipe for Koshary, which made me really fall for him hard...its like he's right there coaching you in the kitchen. Anywho, break out your favorite vintage enamel cast pots and go for it! I photoed mine here, because since aquiring it, its become one of my favorite objects and always brightens me up when I see it.

Its virtually cookware porn, no? Just reads "Made in Denmark" on the bottom. Search "Denmark" and "enamel" on ebay for similar results, or "Dansk" which makes lots of similar stuffs.


By Night with Spear and Dead Leaf Echo

Went to a great show on Tuesday at Santos Party House to see By Night with Spear, Dead Leaf Echo, and wanted to see Longview, but alas the night was getting late...

Regardless of sorrily missing Longview, the sets by both Self Storage Recordings signed By Night with Spear and long time friends Dead Leaf Echo were spectacular. BNWS's first show in some months had a couple minor rocky moments, but when they hit their stride, were really impressive, and I can't wait to follow their career as I'm sure they will only get better and better. Manchester baselines, Brit sounds, fronted by Anaben's haunting and etherial voice (think Asobi Seksu, but less pop, more substance) and a solid set of songs ranging from punkesque to tempered ballads made for a great live introduction to their band to me and can't wait to see them again. Their CD's are in the works too, and I must say they will be really gorgeous.

Once Dead Leaf Echo took the stage, to Santo's Party House's credit, the lights were pretty awesome as they launched fiercely into a gorgeous set, with my personal favorites being Act of Truth, which will be on their new album Truth coming out April 4th (I've got my promo copy, and a) its beautiful b) its really great, should be in Deluxa once its released and c) you can listen to the track on their myspace here) and a new live version of Pale Fire that completely bowled me over. I'd heard Act of Truth before, but something about at that show, they completely nailed it and might be my favorite song of theirs to date.

Overall, DLE always has really tight shows, great songs, fantastic players, and hey, I'll just go out there and say it--they are all gorgeous, which never hurts when you are watching a show. Anyhow, they've never let me down when I've come out to see them, and their show at Santos was high up there.

Tons of Stuff on the CL

I know I've mentioned it before, but I'm pretty good about keeping most of the furniture stock up to date on Craigslist. Here's a sample of what's up right now:

Spanish/English South America Pull Down Map from 1968, $225.

Space Age 3 Globe Brass Table Lamp, $150.

Emphasis Low Dresser/Sideboard, $300.

Set of 4 folding vinyl chairs, rose gold powder coat, $125

Super sleek vinyl seat cane back chair, $140.

Orange campaign dresser with brass pulls, mint condition, $300.

[Update: something is funky with CL, just click the link above and then refresh the page with "deluxa" in the search box to see the updated listings]


Hey Neighbors!

I'm not sure if anyone living on Sackett between Henry and Hicks reads this blog, but if you do, come on by and let me know if you'd like to sign my form for the 2009 Make Music New York Festival! There is quite a bit of bureaucratic process to go through (signatures, money orders, permits, SASEs, SAT scores, etc.) , but I'm crossing my fingers that we are going to have one kick ass Sunday afternoon on the first day of summer, June 21st. We're working on a band line up with Self Storage Recordings and Loveless Music Group that should be announced in the coming weeks!

Bird and the Bee: Sweet Music, Serious Style

Belted tweed jackets with berets and gloves. Balloons in front of gymnasiums. Cloche hats. Shiny red cars. Hand clapping.

Vintage footage layered. Hair bows. Little girls in trapeeze dresses. Legos. Skipping. Midcentury modernism. Hair twirling.

Watch at your own risk. Reminds me of a show I used to watch in Italy that had dancing grandmothers and a large furry purple costumed character. Scary, but engrossing... I do love the silvery prom-esque background.

Can't find this video with higher audio, but adjust as necessary. The first time I watched this I thought the song was a bit overly long, but after a couple more listens its completely grown on me. Can't think of any other modern songs done on a clean piano with vocals that are anywhere as charming...

Friend Bird and the Bee on MySpace here, Facebook here, and here is their website.


Wanted to share some awesome Sears products we've picked up in the last few weeks in store...

Gold blinging space heater, $35 (I'm using it right now [what's with it being 30 degrees in late March?] , this thing kicks butt.)

Silvertone solid state AM/FM radio. $19.

80's black and white television. I know it will soon be obsolete without the converter box, but I still couldn't resist as it reminds me of a television that my grandparents had that I spent many many many hours at... $20.

Amazingly cute bike with trunk, nice reflectors, rear view mirror, comfy seat; needs new tires and a tune up. $200. Don't be surprised if you see me going up and down Court Street on this baby though...

And for the prize jewel in the Sears crown--

Sears Silvertone 40XL guitar amplifier. Super duper tremolo and reverb sounds. Beautiful condition. Amazing design. Look at the fabric over the speaker! Are you drooling like me? I don't play guitar, but the design alone bowls me over, and the sound...the one time I heard it...it was pretty incredible and unlike anything I'd heard. $300.


Dear Blog

I miss you so, and think of you often, and promise to try and write more soon.

Your dearest,

PS Here is my latest favorite LOLBunny:


Robert Guskind, Gowanus Lounge Founder

I just read the terribly tragic news about Gowanus Lounge, by far my most fervently read blog. As someone who got to know and came to understand what the Brooklyn community is through the blog, I sincerely mourn his loss, and the loss to the Brooklyn community at large. Bob was a supporter of Deluxa, posting about our opening, and had plans to share our website launch as well.

My thoughts go out to his friends and family.


We're on Ffffound!

The coolest visual collection on the internet, bar none, has included a deluxa image. I can now die happy.

At Ffffound, I can't express how many times I've found redemption in modern creativity, design, humor, and beauty, and am so happy to be a part of their enormous catalog of excellence.

If you've never seen Ffffound before, be prepared to lose at least a few hours now, and a few hours a week, as it is updated constantly.

Alternate Take of Sympathy for the Devil


Wrapping Paper

Amazing prints on these wrapping papers in store. $.25 for scraps, $3 for full sheets. Lots lots more in store.

The Word on Columbia Street

Is a great local blog. They even featured deluxa a while back--thanks! We love the neighborhood like no other in NYC and can't wait to get to know our community even better.

Sharon Van Etten

I've been a big fan ever since I first heard Sharon Van Etten last year. Her tender, unabashed songs yearn to describe all that it is and means to be an adult woman. Not that she doesn't have something worthwhile to share for people in general, but something about her point of view really speaks (at least to me, as a woman) about particular joys and lows, bitterness and hopes, the looking back and looking forward, on relationships, the self, and life.

With a voice that swells and wilts, sparkling but steady guitar work, and an overall sense of loneliness and longing, Van Etten's work is really superb to curl up with. I'd seen an impromptu performance at the Bell House opening party in October, she played a great song on a borrowed guitar--all fuzz and growl, the song desperate and pleading, and I pretty much fell totally in love with what seems to be a new sound, similar, but a definite departure from the first two records. I'm crossing my fingers she continues in the vein...

I'm going to be getting a few copies of her self titled CD in store soon!

Find her on Myspace or on her website.

This was the song she did at Bell House. The audio isn't so great, but the song is.

The epic, "Holding Out".

A gorgeous vid, "Damn Right".

We're on Bloesem!

What an incredible delight when I heard from Irene at Bloesem that she would be featuring the store on her fantastic blog. I've been an ardent fan of the site for years, as each and every post is filled with a new design gem, and am completely flattered and grateful for the mention.

From the site:

If I would be living in Brooklyn I would definitly be a regular visitor of this awesome shop ... deluxa ... which opened in October of 2008 by founder Kristen Stocks.
...perhaps in the near future we can buy some of deluxa's great products online as well!

Thank you thank you thank you!

Another Project

Luxa is my music project I work on with my love Andy Durutti and dear friend Andrew Conrad. We're playing a show tomorrow at Union Hall with Elika and Arbol. It's Andy D.'s birthday also, so should be a good time--come check it out!

We also are working on an upcoming EP and have more shows planned for April.