Even More Etsy

Had a great trip visiting my parents and am excited to be back at Deluxa!

Check out even more etsyin' I got up today:





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Animals on Etsy

Whew. Still recovering from the run up to MMNY here, but am looking forward to sharing more blog posts soon. We're out of town this weekend (but will come back with vintage goodness!) so not much catching up in the near future...

In the meantime, I thought I'd share three new Etsy store items, since they are all cute, and all animals.

From the vintage animal kingdom:


Brass Horse, $24

Bulldog Pair, $22 SOLD

Ceramic Black Hippo, $26 SOLD

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Lawrence Chandler at MMNY

So sadly our music festival had to be moved in doors, but a huge thanks to the fabulous Bell House for hosting us on such short notice. Everyone still got to play, and in all had a good time regardless.

Our friend Jason Banker was one of the kind attendees to make the leap to the Bell House, and took this absolutely fantastic video of Lawrence Chandler. Love the video. Love the music. Can't wait to see more projects from both of these guys.




11am Her Vanished Grace
1155am By Night With Spear
1245pm Telltale
130 Ghost in the water
215pm Elika
3pm soundpool
4pm Lawrence Chandler

12pm Meghan Halle (front lounge)
1pm Rebecca Pronsky (front Lounge)
2pm Sharon van Etten(front Lounge)

but it will still be cool. For reals.


Love This Look

From Apartment Therapy.

It's from a post on innovative book cases, but I really just liked the desk and chair combo, as its something I would never think of, but totally works. Something about this space is so totally contemporary yet classic; unpretentious, but sophisticated.

It Is Starting

The no parking signs are up--and we got some fun reactions from the nieghbors. Everything from "Don't you know that's Father's Day?" (yes) to "Nobody told me!" to "AWESOME!" to "But why?" to "I'm on the board of the NRA"--a very very poor joke.

We're going to ignore the rest and just focus on the "AWESOME!".

This Sunday for MMNY: 25% Off Storewide

That's right, everything will be 25% off this Sunday in celebration of our Make Music New York block party. Come for the sale, come for the music, come for a good time!


Target: Vintage Style, Vintage Price

I was reading this new blog that I found, and came across this post of finds at Target. While I agree that they have some nice home decorating stuff, I couldn't help but be a bit befuddled by this shot of their signage:

Do you see that???

"Vintage style, vintage price"

Now I do love me some Target, but they are moving in on my turf, and even though stuff is cool and cheap at Target, lots of those items are made cheaply by exploited sweatshop workers--not to mention they are part of the gluttony of products that are created as new physical objects destined for a short period on a shelf, and a long period in a landfill. Really, aren't there enough objects to go around as it is? Not to mention the opportunity cost of the heirloom quality pieces that are finding themselves in landfills every day?

Just say no to new conspicuous consumerism (and the "Gotta have it!"). Don't fall for the marketing. Buy real vintage at real vintage prices, keeping not one, but two objects out of the landfills while supporting small, local, un-exploitative business. Let's stay on a real target with that for the future.

PS. On a similar note, am I the only person in the world who kinda hates that Orla Kiely stuff?

We're on Lonely Planet!

Cherry Patter's blog post on Deluxa got reposted to the Lonely Planet travel guide website! Very cool as they are one of the best travel guides around. Here's hoping for more tourists!


MMNY Featured Artist: Her Vanished Grace

We've got the excellent Her Vanished Grace on our Make Music New York bill for 11:45am-ish, and a really great way to kick off the more shoegaze acts on the bill.

From their Myspace:

Her Vanished Grace bring you their brand of imaginative guitar rock. Nance and Chas Nieland, along with Maria Theodosiadou and Billy Loose continue to explore the terrain of sweet melodies and biting guitars. The powerful rhythms of Billy and Maria anchor the soaring textures while Nance and Chas spin tales of mystery and regret.
HVG 's new recording BLUE (2009) is dark urgent pop singed with white noise. They've crafted a sweetly menlacholic tableau of vivid memories with lush vocals and simmering tension. With Nance and Charlie’s guitar textures veering from candy colored swirl to vintage ‘60s bite, this is the blend of old and new that the band has been striving for.

Be sure to come and check them out on Sunday. Very cool female and male vocals--adding great dynamics to an already great band. They've also got a great looking show at the Delancy on July 18th.

Her Vanished Grace MySpace--I'd recommend Remember, Disappear, and Alone.
Her Vanished Grace Facebook

Wards Quarterly: The Christler Story, Scans

Got this book for the store and found these two great illustrations:

I'm partial to the vignette in the background of the lady being helped into the boat. The bus in the first picture is pretty fantastic as well. Be sure to click on them to enlarge.

Incredibly Cool Website and Products

Found this site yesterday, and have to totally worship its snooty cool aesthetic. From the initially-confusing-to-eventually-intuitive navigation to the harshly shadowed photography to the complete bucking of the typical website categorical hierarchies (um, about us?), this chic must me some kind of awesome.

They've got new and vintage merchandise, all divine (and expensive). Of course, they're in the LES.

Always interesting to see what people are doing with high end vintage...



MMNY Featured Artist: Meghan Halle

We are so completely thrilled to be having Meghan opening our show for Make Music New York. A long time friend of Deluxa (see blog header!), and ridiculously talented singer, Meghan Halle's show is for sure not one to be missed.

From her Myspace:

Meghan has been singing for as long as she can remember, but credits her vocal prowess to call and response sessions she shared with her gospel teacher Georgia Louis, an acclaimed performer who Louis Armstrong named as his “musical godchild.” Ms. Louis, who has shared the stage with Aretha Franklin, Mahalia Jackson, Dinah Washington, and the Staple Singers, has said of Meghan “She is the best young gospel singer that I have worked with, and she was born with an inner spirit that is just phenomenal.” The majority of Meghan’s high school years were spent performing gospel music in A.M.E. Churches throughout Connecticut. Gospel gave her the freedom to improvise and engage with an audience instantly in the energy of the moment, skills that permanently influenced her performance style. She has performed at Shea Stadium three times, the first at the age of 14. Meghan has also been asked to collaborate on many recordings, and has recorded a handful of gospel songs which remain unreleased. She has spent the last three years composing infectious, soulful songs while playing the New York City club circuit either solo on piano, or with her band. Her first full-length solo album entitled, “12th and A” has just been released this past December.

We've also got copies of Meghan Halle's album 12th and A in stock at the store.

Here's a video of one of her newer songs. I've seen her perform this once, and I had huge goosebumps...


We're Expanding Our Etsy Store

I've slowly been expanding our Etsy site with smalls--keep checking in on it for updates, and keep up with new arrivals in the blog sidebar.



Hmm...These Look Familiar...

Found these today on 1st Dibs for an undisclosed price (contact dealer).

My table lamp available in store and viewable on Craig's List here for $85.

Goodwill in the NYT

An interesting article today was published in the New York Times about Goodwill aligning itself to be more label and marketing savy to that dreadfully labeled demographic that I hate to even print here...the...recessionista.

I have mixed feelings about the reorganization of some Goodwills--while I do belive in people buying quality used goods at affordible prices, I'm going to miss scoring hand sewn 60's dresses and Lacoste sweaters for $2.

The full article here.

P.S. Honey, if you don't buy that Marc Jacobs dress above, I will.


MMNY Featured Artist: Ghost in the Water

Driving all the way out from the midwest, we are thrilled to be having Ghost in the Water play Make Music New York on June 21st.

From their MySpace:

nathan doesn't believe in ghosts. mandy sort of does. sometimes they argue about it. neither one is ever swayed in their stance. they both really like to make music though. they've made indie-pop with a band called fitzgerald for a while now. but they wanted to make electronic music too. they really like electronic pop songs. so they started ghost in the water. they have an album that they finally finished, it's called "tooth".

Here is the cover of their digital single, "Clean Sings and Folded Laundry", which is one of my favorite songs of theirs. Beautiful melody, strings sections, and imagery make it really special.

I'd post the song here to check out, but our file hosting service seems to be down...but for sure check out what they've got on their MySpace.

Also, we don't have "Tooth" in stock just yet, but post MMNY, I plan of having a few copies, put out by our fantastic friends, Hidden Shoal Recordings.

Illustrations by Kevin Cyr

Really digging these illustrations by Kevin Cyr of Brooklyn. Especially the first one. Truly mobile home.


Check out the full post on BOOOOOOOM!.

The Brick House

Just stumbled across this blog/etsy shop, The Brick House. Yesterday I was talking with a friend about there are houses that are full of designer pieces, and are magazine shoot ready, but still fall short--lifeless, joyless, and safe.

The Brick House to me is so tasteful, energetic, and full of personality--it clearly reflects an owner who knows who they are as a distinct, confident, person of individual style, which is something I admit I grapple with both in my living space and in selecting pieces for the store.

In all, I find The Brick House highly inspiring.

In a happy coincidence, I also happen to have a needlepoint of the exact same leopard above--maybe I'm on the right track after all?



MMNY Featured Artist: Lawrence Chandler

Lawrence Chandler
formerly of Bowery Electric is headlining our block party bill for Make Music New York on June 21st. From his MySpace:

Lawrence Chandler is an American composer of experimental music living in Brooklyn, New York. He studied composition at The Juilliard School and privately with La Monte Young. Chandler has worked as a music assistant for Philip Glass and is a founder of seminal post-rock group Bowery Electric.

Lawrence Chandler is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization.

Lately his MySpace page has featured lengthy tonal pieces that I find suprizingly addictive to listen to. As he hasn't released anything officially solo, and his MySpace has only had up one (non-downloadable) track at a time, his set for MMNY should be exciting to say the least (if you're iterested, there are rumors of a string quartet).

He will be on last, sometime around 7:30/8pm, and weather permitting, there should be a gorgeous sunset behind him...sounds like a perfect ending to a music festival to me.

Come join us at Sackett between Henry and Hicks on Sunday June 21st for our block party for Make Music New York.

New Arrivals






Can you tell I've gotten really into styling lately?


Resurrection Fern Crochet Stones

I am overwhelmed with lust to make one of these or buy one of these or somehow, anyhow, by hook or crook to have a crocheted river stone in my possession now.

From the super cool nature inspired blog Resurrection Fern.


McKee Glass on Ebay

Just a few favorite images:

The infamous "Bottoms Up" shot glass.

Spice rack.

Jadeite water cooler.

Single "dots" salt shaker.

Jadeite canister set.

There is quite a large selection of McKee glass on ebay, but beware, the pieces are quite collectible and thus $$$.