A few fun blogs...

Kingdom of Style is amazing for fashion inspiration--Queen Marie and Queen Michelle are constantly dazzling with their passions and creations and latest obsessions. They've been one of my "must read" blogs for some time now, and never disappoint. Their creativity and knowledge runs so deep, and I'm often envious of their style. They are both DIY mavens, and often feature their latest vintage scores after some modifications.

Amazing, no?

There's also Modern Good Life, put out by a near and dear friend Kim. Already an amazing stylist, Kim's got such an eye for put together looks--be it interiors, fashion, or a great party spread. I especially like her recent post on how to throw a fondue party!

Lastly for the day, I'm absolutely addicted to the Free People Blog. While I do have some issues with the company, but the blog is so employee centrist, I'm willing to overlook. The fabulous people there exude creativity and romanticism and wit and charm. It must be coming out their ears and noses--glitter and applique flowers and lace trim.

Their desks are all intensly diverse hubs of inspirational ephemera, their designs always culling the best of craft and trend.

Did I mention they also started a hilarious talk show "Dog Talk"? The intro is amazing. Dog Talk. Dog Talk. Dogs. And talking.

Here is the latest episode:

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  1. Great post, thanks! I just wanted to say that I really think you should reconsider your issues with Urban Outfitters...Dick Hayne is a great guy and has done a lot for the city of Philadelphia. I have never seen him in a tie, and that article is from 2003 and is very biased...