Report on 3rd Ward's Handmade Holiday

The Handmade Holiday event was spectacular! A huge congrats goes out to Nikki of 3rd Ward for all her hard work in pulling off an amazing collection of crafters and for bringing such a huge turn out!

The day started at noon with Deluxa's vintage dress-up photo booth slammed from the start! My photographer Victor Jeffrieys II and I worked our tushes off styling and cajoling people into dress up. Some were (much!) easier than others, but in all the booth was hugely successful! Ladies in Jackie-O style, kids in fedora's and ray bans, guys in the girls clothes, adults reading salacious books in librarian glasses--everyone seemed to get into it, and Victor took some amazing shots, really capturing the festive atmosphere. Check out more of his pics from the day here. Sigmund Droid played some fun live music (they got a lot of sound out of a bass and drumkit!) Even Channel 12 showed up to get in on the action! The super tasty bloody mary's were a big hit too!

Also, I'd never been to 3rd Ward before, but what an amazing space for artists and creative types. Again, like yesterday's Brooklyn Kitchen post, 3rd Ward is an avant garde artists' co-op that invests in creating a more positive community, putting tools into people's hands that otherwise would be inaccesible. Member benefits include access to a photo studio, wood shop, metal shop, digital media lab, audio studio, classes, office space, and a community of like-minded individuals. Then they also have classes like how to make edible stationery, screen printing, and all kinds of sculpture--really a culture of empowerment. Even if you aren't a member, you can still check out their gallery, rent space on a per-project basis, attend events like movie screenings, or their recurring "Drink and Draw".

Anyhow back to the Handmade Holiday, again I was super impressed with Brooklyn Kitchen, and got to know my local table mates, Artikal, who designs devastatingly beautiful hats for all occasions (I've still got my heart set on one brown cloche, maybe Santa will read this?), and luckily I was also near our dear friends Agapantha, as well as (woo-hoo!) the LED hula hoops by ProdMod which were so cute to see little kids play with.

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