Dead Mellotron

Is my new favorite band of all time. I've been listening to their album 2 and 3 times a day for days on end. Its one of those era-maker kinds of albums, where I know I'll listen to it tons for now, until it finally has to be put out of rotation out of sheer ridiculousness in its number of plays, but I'll listen to it forever, and always remember how good it was when I first heard it and fell in love.

Last week, when it was snowing so beautifully here in New York, I was wandering around the Lower East Side with my headphones on, listening to track after track from Ghost Light Constellation by Dead Mellotron, and there was a moment, on Mercer Street, near Washington Square Park, where everything in the world fit together. The night, the snow, the music, large, and painful, and intricate, and washing, that I welled up with a swooning raw emotion of the romance of beauty like I haven't had in years.

Give a listen, download the album while you can, find you're own moment of musical ecstasy, and pray with me that Dead Mellotron decides to sign to Self Storage Recordings so Durutti and I can be a part of, and continue to share what is obviously pretty damn special.

You could go to their MySpace, which you of course should, but you can also just take my word for it and go straight to the album download here.

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