Just a Few...

Of the TONS of new women's items I got today. This is only a scratch in the surface. I now have way more clothes than I have space--lucky you! 20% off all clothing through Sunday!

Gray polyester sleeveless drawstring jumpsuit. As loath as I am to admit, it looks really cool. Size M. $28.

Late 50's early 60's bathing suit in gorgeous pattern. Hard to imagine swimming in something so constructed, but then, kind of delightful too. This would make a fantastic DIY project...screams bustier or skirt. I'm particularly in love with the gathering at the bust. $34.

Oleg Cassini silk slouch shoulder dress. Would make an amazing wedding dress for someone in a pinch... I should have taken a detail of the spherical and diamond buttons. This dress looks like a dream. Beautifully lined. $85.

Romantic diaphanus nightgown. Top sheer layer, with layers of turquoise nylon underneith. Really beautiful color and movement--photo doesn't come even close. While the long nightie may reek of something your mom used to wear, this one is ripe for hemming (above the knee? mini length?) for the adventurous... $24.

This is a handmade satin and lace mod dress in a bluish, grayish, purpleish. Its a contender for me to wear to a party tonight, where guests are invited to dress glamourous...maybe I'll post a pic of the final outfit...

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