New In Store Faves

I'm totally in love with this piece. The glass is really exquisite, super heavy on the bottom and incredibly thin at the neck. The wire flowers have just the perfect weight to dance and giggle every time you touch it. A super unique find. Has a sticker that says Noritake Craft. From what the Internet has told me, what used to be the Noritake Craft Center in Japan is now called Noritake Garden, where you can tour and wander the porcelain factory at your leisure, where all the facilities are "barrier free". I found tons of Noritake porcelian on Ebay, but nothing quite so unique as this. $22, but I might have to covet this one myself.

New Liz Claiborne navy and white saddle shoes, size 5.5. $25.

Made in Japan op art ash tray with gold rim. $8.50.

I'd seen one of these salt and peppers while vacationing in the poconos in the most amazing rental house I've ever been in. It was filled with treasures, but the toast and toaster shakers stole my heart. I was so happy to find a set of my own. Just to explain, the lever really works, popping the "toast" up and down so you can grab the shakers. Adorable. Love it.

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