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I love it when the internet has answers! I've poked around eBay for the names of different Pyrex pieces, seeing whats out there, drooling over the classic "primary colors" set, which my mother has as it belonged to her mother:

for sale on eBay here.

But lo and behold when I wondered about how there must be a better way to identify my Pyrex in store, like duh, ask the internet! A quick search of "guide to vintage Pyrex" landed me on the great Pyrex Love website, with a great photo guide to patterns, FAQ section, and tons of other info. I learned a lot about the pieces I've got in store, and what I want to keep an eye out for. I'd highly recommend checking out their website with its cool articles about how to clean Pyrex, commonly mistaken Pyrex pieces, and other fun stuff. Some of my favorite patterns are "dandelion duet", this unnamed"floral", "spring blossom" (I [personally] have a set!), "starburst"--really there are just so many that are eye catching and covet worthy its hard to pick favorites, just go to the site and browse for yourself!

Here's what I've got in the store right now that's strictly Pyrex--I've also got lots of Fire King, Federal, Inland Glass, and GlasBake.

Large Cinderella "Butterprint" bowl, in need of some cleaning still, $15.

Covered casserole in "Floral Bubbles". Apparently on the website there is some confusion about the printing on the lid. With a specimen in hand here, I can confirm that yes, the flowers are printed on both sides of the glass! $16

"Daisy" oval divided serving dish, $14.

Two "Butterfly Gold" bowls, 1 pt and 1/2 qt, $8 and $12.

"Golden Grapes" Cinderella bowl, 4 qts. This design is special because there is color both on the outside and the inside of the bowl. $18

"Town and Country" Cinderella mixing bowl, 2 qt., $9

"Snowflake" casserole, $10.

"Spring Blossom" Cinderella mixing bowl, 2 qt., $12.

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