April Window and Six Month Birthday!

I know its not April for a few more hours, but just thought I'd share the April store window with the pic that Amy from Apartment Therapy took (see full post below).

And, it is Deluxa's six month birthday tomorrow. Its been a labor of literal blood, sweat, tears, sparks, paint, more sweat, some cussing, some intense learning curves, some great laughs, some great new friends, and some immense satisfaction in being my own boss--and I must admit, a real sense of overall joy with how the past six months have unfolded, and a real sense of excitement for Deluxa's (and my) future.

Thanks to everyone who's help me get this far--especially my incredibly supportive family, the unending assistance and sacrifices of Andy, my fantastic friends, my adorable regular customers, my unbelievably lovely local community. --Kristen

(Notebook doodle, when it was just a sprout of an idea, sometime last August, a million years ago.)

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