We're on Apartment Therapy!

OMG OMG OMG. Ok, pull it together...YAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY!

Amy who came from Apartment Therapy was so completely awesome, and I'm totally flattered and flabbergasted at what a lovely post she did on Deluxa. Thanks Amy, you are the best!

From the post:

Deluxa is a well-stocked vintage store in Brooklyn with everything: clothing, furniture, housewares, home accessories and vintage art. You can literally outfit your entire life from this store (in vintage). There are two ways to stay updated on the store's offerings. First, be sure to check owner Kristen Stocks' frequently updated blog and the best way to get a look at the furniture in the store is the up-to-date furniture listings on craigslist. The were a lot of great items for sale in the store, but we did have one favorite...

Read the full post here, and giggle at little Belikin the bunny (he's an internet star!) below.

I also ended up reading a ton of Amy's posts, all of which are fantastic. Read Amy's work here.

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