Hidden Shoal Recordings CDs New in Stock

Cam Merton over at Hidden Shoal Recordings not only on top of being a super nice guy runs a super cool label. We've got a small selection in stock right now and hope to expand in the future, as their whole catalog is worth checking out. Our current new favorites that we've got in stock are Hotels, Fall Electric, Wes Willenbring, and My Majestic Star. We've also had longtime loves Monocle and Rich Bennett for a while

You can preview all of HSR's artist on their gorgeous website that's beautifully up to date.

Also, if you haven't been to Deluxa in a while, we've hooked up a set of nice headphones and an MP3 player for our own little listening station. Its the best music you've never heard, promise...links to all artists in stock here and many more to come in the coming months!

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