DIY Projects

Today I finished rewiring my first lamp after a revamp. Found on the street, the lamp was originally in the category of Haute Tacky. Sadly no photo exists to document this, but take my word that some ugly 70's faux baroque flowers had pretty much attached themselves on the surface like leeches.

About 5 coats of white paint and $7 bucks in rewiring tools and two trips to the hardware store and three attempts at putting the lamp back together correctly and wired in the right order, a handfull of cuss words, and voila! An improvement, but not stellar. Something about the white being too white and the weather worn base contrasting a bit much. I did buy some gold spray paint as well (one of my favorite crafting tools of all time) and am considering the switch a la $1950 1st dibs recast Stiffels.

I'm considering it a learning piece, and am looking forward to more DIYs in lighting--and I owe a major major thanks to John of ilampe for putting me out on the right foot with this one, and putting up with my constant lamp troubles.

My second project that I started today is another street find. This sweet shaped bentwood chair with a broke cane seat. I got about half of it sanded down, and spent some serious hours wrestling with the old spline and webbing, and have a feeling this one is going to be a beauty. Already with the layer of grime and old varnish coming off, she's being coaxed into grace...

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