The Frock

Just spent way too much time pouring over every single item in stock on TheFrock.com. So many incredible and inspiring pieces , dripping with of sophistication and glamor. These below are just a small selection of some of my favorite looks...

I'm particularly in love with the Peter Pan collar wedding dress and the gold tiered beaded plaid number. Also, the Victorian era coat does look a bit dated, but also looks an awful lot like something Mark Jacobs did a few years ago--the red and purple, the big buttons, the just-so proportionate pleats on the sleeve and hem.

I was also really struck by the amount of beautiful dresses with swagged fabric, or shocks of silk or organza in contrasting colors--there seems to be so much monotone play-it-safe on red carpets, that I thought these dresses in particular looked especially fresh.

Check out the selection of celebrity wardrobes as well.

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