My Laurel Lamp

This is my beauty--a shame she has a broken shade though. From what I've read, occasionally replacement shades do pop up on ebay and go for $80-$100. She's available in the store for $160 or she's up for ebay auction here.

The full specs:

This is a beautiful authentic vintage Laurel lamp from the 60's. The shade has been broken and repaired (this is the condition I found it in), although, if placed against a wall or in a corner, it very nearly vanishes. The span of the crack is aprox 1/3 of the face of the shade, leaving 2/3s quite normal looking and ideal. The repair job on the shade was done a bit messily, leaving a shine on the crack where its been glued together. There is also on small part on the inside of the shade where the glue has dripped, and when lit makes a very faint dark spot on the shade, smaller than the size of an eraser head.

The brass base in in beautiful condition--no corrosion or spots, only very very light, to be expected scratches for a piece of this age. Marked with Laurel Co. label under the shade. Wiring is perfect. The switch on the underside has been repaired by a professional; however only a stainless switch was available--a very minor difference though.

In all though, a beautiful Mid Century Mod dream!

Measures 13" tall by aprox 10" wide

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