MMNY Featured Artist: Ghost in the Water

Driving all the way out from the midwest, we are thrilled to be having Ghost in the Water play Make Music New York on June 21st.

From their MySpace:

nathan doesn't believe in ghosts. mandy sort of does. sometimes they argue about it. neither one is ever swayed in their stance. they both really like to make music though. they've made indie-pop with a band called fitzgerald for a while now. but they wanted to make electronic music too. they really like electronic pop songs. so they started ghost in the water. they have an album that they finally finished, it's called "tooth".

Here is the cover of their digital single, "Clean Sings and Folded Laundry", which is one of my favorite songs of theirs. Beautiful melody, strings sections, and imagery make it really special.

I'd post the song here to check out, but our file hosting service seems to be down...but for sure check out what they've got on their MySpace.

Also, we don't have "Tooth" in stock just yet, but post MMNY, I plan of having a few copies, put out by our fantastic friends, Hidden Shoal Recordings.

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