Target: Vintage Style, Vintage Price

I was reading this new blog that I found, and came across this post of finds at Target. While I agree that they have some nice home decorating stuff, I couldn't help but be a bit befuddled by this shot of their signage:

Do you see that???

"Vintage style, vintage price"

Now I do love me some Target, but they are moving in on my turf, and even though stuff is cool and cheap at Target, lots of those items are made cheaply by exploited sweatshop workers--not to mention they are part of the gluttony of products that are created as new physical objects destined for a short period on a shelf, and a long period in a landfill. Really, aren't there enough objects to go around as it is? Not to mention the opportunity cost of the heirloom quality pieces that are finding themselves in landfills every day?

Just say no to new conspicuous consumerism (and the "Gotta have it!"). Don't fall for the marketing. Buy real vintage at real vintage prices, keeping not one, but two objects out of the landfills while supporting small, local, un-exploitative business. Let's stay on a real target with that for the future.

PS. On a similar note, am I the only person in the world who kinda hates that Orla Kiely stuff?

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