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Laura at Cherry Patter recently blogged about her visit to our store, check out what she had to say:

with a varied collection of clothes for kids as well as men and women, deluxa is well suited for a “family shop” — well except for the fact that they aren’t so big so maybe it’s not such a good idea to bring lots of little kiddies around with the beautiful old perfume bottles, lots of glassware and tons of just incredibly appealing colorful knicknacks that any toddler would love. fortunately, deluxa is just down the block from my favorite dumpling spot eton and now that it is warm again, and eton is serving their fabulous hawaiian rainbow ices, it’s easy to split up and leave j and the kids there while i check things out at deluxa. (and my apologies for the more spring, than summer, photo above but i had taken photos a few months ago and still find that sweater dress combo adorable. their current store window showcases a more appropriate vacation look with lots of cute travel trunks.)

She also took some really sweet photos:

I love how we're always mentioned in concert with Eton--I'd have to say its a definite symbiotic relationship.

Cherry Patter is a great resource for shopping in the NYC area, covering fantastic gems like incredible Kiosk, and our friends Brooklyn Kitchen and fellow vintage extraordinaries Franny and Roey--what great company we are in to be featured! The photography work is all around outstanding, and the writing is also quite excellent. A good find to add to your RSS feed if you like great NYC boutiques and specialty restaurants. Thanks again, Laura!

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