DIY Modern Bunny Hutch on Design Curiosities

As a die hard bunny lover myself, I have to say I am hugely jealous and impressed with Nicole from Design Curiosities' modern bunny hutch for their bunny Eames (best bunny name ever!) made from Ikea parts. Thankfully she also published DIY instructions for the other bunny lovers out there.

Our own comparatively shameful bunny condo will have to do for now, but someday, someday...

While we're on the subject though, I'll introduce my two beasties, Bernina on the left (like the sewing machine) and Belikin on the right (as in the national beer of Belize).


  1. They are precious! Perhaps they could be friends with mine? Meet them at my blog!
    Cute names, by the way!

  2. Your babies are a couple of cutie-pies : D My 2, Hudson and Honey send nose nudge greetings!
    (And I think their digs in your home is wonderful, no pun intended!)