Hello Midcentury Modern Kitty

While keeping up with the wonders of the blog Hello Kitty Hell (which awesomely has brought to my attention this, this, and this) their latest post shows a pink house with Hello Kitty on the garage...

Hello Kitty aside, that looks potentially like a cool midcentury modern house (second pic I cropped and enlarged for a larger shot). Clere story windows, looks like a walled off private patio area, nice low wall in the front, one would cross their fingers for walls of windows in the back--I don't even mind the color that much. In all though, let's hope the owners (and that Mickey) get their heads out of their butts and treat this beauty with the style it deserves.

DISCLAIMER: I do own several Hello Kitty items, which I love very much. They are all cute and demure and not on anything so large as a garage door.

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