Eames Shell Chair Colors

Been pouring over the section of Vintage Eames on Eames Office for the last hour, and after finding these color sample swatches of the original fiberglass chair colors, I think I've got it down to Griege Light.

I think the verdict is out until I really get the last of all the paint off and get her sanded and penetrol-ed and looking nice.

Today, I did get to do another round of Trigger Spray until the bottle ran out. The back is 95% clean, and the front is looking better, but still needs work. Also got the base spray painted glossy black. As much as I have about a million other things to do, I'm sort of really into this project right now.

Also, somewhere I'd found a photo of what the chair is supposed to look like with its uphulstered seat cushion, but alas have lost it in the sea of internets. Maybe I'm being ambitious, but I'd love to find a half yard of some vintage Knoll fabric and make myself a cushion.

PS. After all this laborious love, this chair is gonna probably be a keeper for me personally. Plus the next one I restore will be an even better job.

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