DIY Herman Miller Shell Chair Rehab Part 2

Part 2! Okay, the exclamation point might be misused there, because this very large and very laborious step two to the process of rehabbing this chair is...sanding. And paint stripping. Over and over. For like hours. For like hours, like a few sessions of hours. Over days. And I'm still not sure I'm done. Something about the world of sanding seems to be the rule that when you think you are getting close, you might be 60% done. Might.

Do I look like I'm done being wet sanded? Note, I'm also still drying in this pic...

I don't know if anyone has had fiberglass fingers, but its not that fun either. Its like crunchy sandpaper stuck in your fingers. For like days. And it gets all out, just in time for another round of sanding. The BF says "Wear gloves," to which I intelligently reply with, "Bah."

Mmm...raw fiberglass.

I'm getting excited about the Penetrol coming up though. As Melissa at the Brick House might say, the Penetrol will make this baby the sexy chair it was born to be.

No ten layers of ugly black paint here!

I also got shock mounts on Ebay a few days ago. Still looking out for feet. A generic set I found in a drawer here didn't fit, and there is a set of glides for $20 on eBay, but I'm still holding out.

Even the underside is done!

Read DIY Herman Miller Shell Chair Rehab Part 1 here, and the original DIY instructions here on Chairfag, and another great set of instructions on The Brick House.

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