THE Anthropolgie Buyer

Someone is brilliant for creating this show: following the special buyer Keith Johnson for Anthropologie stores around the globe as he finds inspired objects.

Since I've started the store, I virtually never buy anything at any Anthro/UO stores anymore, but I do go and swoon and steal display ideas, and I'm sure once this store starts I'll be stealing more refurbish/refinishing ideas as well. In all I always knew that there was some kind of mastermind world traveler behind all those great finds (not to mention an unmatched visual display team, BAR NONE). The teaser bits of Keith are a great intro to what the show might be about--my favorite is the one in India where he walks through the process of remaking a huge birdcage with a painted canvas to go on the backboard among other modifications. Premiers October 7th--I'm marking my calendar! (And hoping it will be streaming online...haven't had a television in eight years...)

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