A Girl Can Dream

We've got friends that live in the most lovely house in the Poconos in this very development. While their house takes the cake, this one comes awfully close, with a little imagination, one hundred and twenty five thousand dollars, a car, and some tweaks (such as like tearing out the carpet and office lighting right now, and replacing it with some bamboo eco-friendly something-er-other) what an awesome pad this would be.

Deck and balcony and screened in porch?

Carpet, no, fan, no, couch--can I have it?

George Nelson lamp going here...

High gloss paint for the fire place. No TVs. Style up that mantel something crazy.

Yes, please.

Violet attack! But some salvation, maybe, is that a semi-cute fixture over the bed?

Ack! Office ceilings! But some good windows, room for man cave.

Can you leave the bar stools?

Three bedroom, two bath, walk in closet, two fire places, and what looks like a great view. Full listing here. Maybe I should add this to my Xmas list?

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