Important Deluxa News

After going for a little over a year here in Carroll Gardens, Deluxa will be moving on to greener, more internet friendly pastures. Our last day in store will be sometime between Christmas and New Years. We are hoping in the up coming months to set up a photo studio and furniture show room in East Williamsburg, open by appointment, and will move all of our clothing and housewares sales exclusively online. It is a decision made with both sadness and excitement, as Deluxa enters a new phase.

With closing the store, we are sad to leave our local friends, John and Kirsten of Ilampe, all the kids at Naidre's, Eton Chang and his staff at Eton (who has also left the block for the higher traffic Smith Street area), Angelo and Rocco of General Nightmare, regular customers like Peter, Wendy, Tom, Bo and Kristen, Jen, and a bunch more who's names I forget, but whose faces I don't. I've also got to give a big thanks to our personal friends who have helped and supported us as we started this adventure: Gina and Meghan, John and Kim of Aloft, Lloyd, Ryan, Andrew, Dirk (who is soon to start a vintage and antiques business of his own), Amy of Tiburon, and of course most importantly our family who have been incredibly supportive in every way in getting us here so far.

But as this door closes, a new one will be opening, and for that, we are grateful. Here's looking forward to the future!


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  1. Good Luck! Can't wait to see what comes next.