Official New Address, Start of Relaunch!

Whew! What a crazy long month, and it's not even the holidays yet. The good news though is that we've secured new location for Deluxa in East Williamsburg off the L at Morgan in the OfficeOps building on Thames Street.

If you're not familiar with the area, it is a bit debatable if this is still "technically" East Williamsburg, or Bushwick, and even some have nicknamed it "Morgantown" for the Morgan stop on the L train. Regardless, I'd describe the area as something like East-Village-meets-Soho-in-the-BK, with soaring industrial buildings, street level murals, great street fashion, and the feeling that something in the air is...happening. I love our area here in Carroll Gardens, but the something in the air here is maybe a bit more staid--not quite happening. There are also lots of new business opening, and it turns out more than a couple friends and acquaintances already call the area home.

In addition to powering down the store here (please come in and help me move what is left! lots of lovelies! at least 50% off almost everything--often more!), I'm starting to rev up our transition to internet based sales. While our final internet trajectory is still being debated (Etsy only? Etsy and direct sales? Direct sales only??? Look at those Three Potato Four people...HMMMMMmmmmm...Oy, and boy would I love to learn Flash and do something like that Supermarket Sarah)--for now, and for at first at least, furniture will be on Craigstlist and Ebay (listings to come), and then a stand alone Etsy stores for clothing and home. I designed/redesigned the store banners for the stores, and have decided the new deluxa design scheme will consist of our original "deluxa" typography logo, and Helvetica Thin, and in black and white as much as possible. Here we go...

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