9031, Retro Clock Screensaver and Other Nostalgia

Just discovered 9031 via the Herman Miller Blog, and their especially cool retro time clock screen saver. Lots of other goodies too--quite possibly my most favorite new website since...well never mind. My favorite gems so far: plywood trashcan icon for Mac OS, the soon to be released font "No Problem", and photos like this.

In all, all the content, even and perhaps most notably, the user experience (early Mac icons, download links of scans of hard disks with handwritten labels or 90's Earthbound-esqe graphics, and much much more) it all completely smacks of a time of computer/Nintendo nostalgia that is book ended by the Oregon Trail in DOS and the reign of AOL--a good time for computers, graphics, and discovery, at the tip of the iceberg. Dive in, soak it up, and remember the early excitement of the internet.

Download the time clock here.

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