Desk Shopping

Seeing how my favorite vintage 300 lb Steelcase desk--the first piece of furniture I owned in New York before I even owned a bed--my fantastic and perfectly functional and linen print laminate top desk does not fit through my new office door by a long shot, I spent a few minutes (okay, I went through all eleven pages) on 1stdibs cruising for a new fantasy desk.

The contenders:

Studio BBPR "Spatzio" Desk by Olivetti. Leather top. Painted metal. The mini safe. The floating top. The incredible handles.

Prouve Avion Desk, oak and green painted metal. It's like the most gorgeous school teacher desk you ever saw, with those oh so Prouve legs. I love too how it is already rather beat up. In my live work space, my desk will be (and had been) the single most used piece of furniture. Wear and tear will happen. Coffee will be spilled, sharpies will bleed through. I do use exacto knives, and not always carefully. Shit goes down, and I am going to need a desk to be down with me.

A classic white laqure Paul McCobb Planner Group Desk. Basic, simple, sexy little drawer pulls. I'm sure this one would inspire me to tidy minimalism. Maybe not a bad thing.

Wacky and charming Czech desk from the 30's. Hard to believe it's from the '30s, but doesn't mean I love it less. I can be friends with that steel tubing and burled oak, no problemo.

And this one, you are my favorite. Ever since I saw this d*s Sneak Peak, I've been dying for some fluorescent. And actual metal painted vintage florescent French desk from Le Centre Pompidou. With separate filing cabinet. And wacky feet and corner joints. And overall awesomeness. Winner.

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