Today's Pics

Koala wall hanging, $60. Monkeypod bowl, $22. Porcelain lamp, $34. Lampshades (one pictured, sold as pair), $55. Set of 4 calico place mats, sold. Set of 8 Bombay hors d'ouvres forks, $5 (several sets available). Pole lamp, with original box in near mint condition, sold. Transparent blue vase, $65. Log bowl, sold.

At this point, I've got my new Etsy stores finally lined up (thank you Etsy support!), the furniture starting to get up for sale/auction on eBay, and TONS of photo'ed listings needing to be added, going all the way back to the Aloft photo shoot, up through some of the newer things that have been popping up here on the blog.

Wish me luck with my slow (building provided) internet! Today was day three of the requisite hour-long phone calls with Verizon, looking to get an individual (and speedy! oh I miss you speed!) DSL account. They are going to "update" me on Wednesday as to why it is they can't seem to figure out how to give me service...

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