A Word on Our Virtual Stores

So, as it looks as we're going internet only (there should be a better word for this, no?), it seems the old Etsy shop just wasn't going to quite cut it. We've made some great contacts there, some faithful customers, and have been favorited close to 350 times, but with the thought of putting our entire inventory online, it would seem that the store would become a glut of inventory all in one place. Some stores seem to thrive in this, having twenty, thirty pages of vintage goods. Me, when I see that, I turn tail and search more selective vintage pastures where I can cherry pick what I'm looking for. Thus, the decision to open two new stores.

The original store is going to linger on for a bit longer until the other stores are thriving a bit more. Oh, and of course, the new stores, which are, (drum roll.........) DeluxaHome and DeluxaClothing. I showed off the new banners a while back, which are indeed in place, along with more right and proper shop policies, more accurate shipping information and options, and more specialized categories for properly swimming through all that is Deluxa. At least on Etsy, that is.

If you've been watching our furniture from afar, good news! We're selling on eBay now, which I think I've mentioned, but here is an official temporary link to us as a "seller" (we've got to earn our wings before we can get a right and proper eBay store)--we are "DeluxaModern".

Oh yeah, and I did a new Twitter background. And I'm uploading current furniture to our Facebook account to keep up there as well.

New official phone number to be installed Thursday as well.

I think I need a nap.

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