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For those of you who may be a fan on Facebook, you may remember some time ago when I shared a tip on the new vintage online market place Market Publique. In a round about way I ended up getting in contact with one of the founders, Pamela, who also runs the awesome blog.

In short, MP is alot like Etsy, but for vintage clothing hounds, way way better. There is room for hosting many more and much larger photos (without having to click to zoom in, and really, with clothing, you need more than just 5 pictures), a much more clothing-friendly layout, a way hipper aesthetic and logo (really Etsy? that's the best you can do on a logo?), and maybe the best part: selectivity of sellers. This means you don't have to sift through five thousand posts of some crazy lady trying to convince you that something that is butt-ugly isn't. No crappy photos, no faux Hong Kong "vintage", no 5 seasons old Target clothes. It's a big sigh of aesthetic relief for the vintage clothing shopper.

Lucky for us, we've been made members, joining the likes of NYC neighbors Amarcord, Boston's Artifaktori, along with MP's very own selections. I've only got a few items up, but many more soon to follow. Here's a photo of a belted leather coat that is a MP exclusive:


And just look how cute Pamela is!


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  1. Awww! You're so sweet!
    Thank you so much for joining in the fun, supporting us and featuring us on your blog!
    Next on the list - we have to meet in person!
    - Pamela
    P.S. I adore my new vintage hat boxes! Thank you for holding them for me!