Modernism Magazine Tear Sheets

A while ago a friend gave me a stack of back issues of Modernism. Here's a few favorites I scanned:


Oh, to be those girls...


I cropped this rather wonkily, but the one black cushion on the pair of chairs makes me swoon. A Jacobsen Egg never hurts either.


The lightest poured concrete ever.

SCAN0077 copy

If this were my door, I'd come and go from home all day just for the approach.


Growing up in California, and going to elementary, junior high and high schools highly influenced by 60s modernism, there's always nostalgia for open work brick. Someday I'll have a house with pretty shadows.


The house, devastating. And in Mexico. AND WITH A PUPPY.

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  1. I love the entrance also....I know your feeling exactly...and that Egg Chair....how I wouldnt mind getting my hands on one of those. : )