The Sam Avedon Chair

My Sam Avedon chair.

Theresa Goldberg's Sam Avedon chairs on Apartment Therapy.

Paper Pony's Sam Avedon chair.

Kvanhorn's refurb project on an Avedon chair.

Kvanhorn's other refurbished Avedon arm chair.

I did say I was thinking about selling my Avedon chair, but I think she's a keeper. She's like the spunky funky younger sister of a Herman Miller side shell. My favorite details are the just right tapers of the legs, and relationship between the inner/outer view of the scoop at the hips. The plastic on mine is a bit discolored and aged, which I think is somewhat typical from looking closely at these few other pics I could find. The blue is quite adorable, as is the white (see here).

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