I did mention an interest in Tumblr about a month ago, and have been happily going at it since. While I don't participate on it socially (although a quick peek now and then, especially here, is worth while), I do really like using it as my own special keepsake deposit of images that inspire me as I wonder around the internets. I also like how it hooks up to your Twitter account incoming feeds, so it is one less place to go. Further in the social-ese firmament, I've been using my personal Buzz a bit here and there in a similar way, connected with my Google Reader shares and this blog, but while that seems more a platform for sharing content other people may like, Tumblr (for me) is what I use quite specifically for what I like, without feeling so much like I'm imposing. Here is my Tumblr, if you'd like me to impose. The account has also made its way into the sidebar, which I'm really enjoying having there as gratuitous eye candy.

On a somewhat related note, I tumbld this, and can't get it out of my head. I have no apologies. There are some awesome moments to this song.

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