For Sale: Castle Fantasy Folk Art Wall Hanging


Antiqued gold colored frame; backing is made of burlap weave bordered with gold ribbon, mounted on a gray-green card stock support.

Castle made of felt cut outs, with lacy paper edging along the roof lines, and paper layered rectangles for windows. Shutters made from paper with white text on black background. The archway door is framed with gold braid, and seamed with gold cord.

In the sky, are felt and antique lace clouds, partially obscuring the sun, with felt birds.


The fence in front of the castle is made from pink and white vertically striped cotton, and the garden is made from felt and swirls of yarn. The planted garden is made from a 50's mod cotton print with cats, along with squares of calico floral fabric looking like a flower bed.

The children in front of the castle are made of cut layers of felt, with the girl's dress adorned with seed pearls. The boy's toy horse has a red and white twisted cording for a pull. They are standing on a "gravel" path made of sand paper.

The flanking house has a felt roof and windows, and is made from a striped cotton fabric. The door is made from a page of a book, and is framed in gold rick rack. There are also two "gravel" sandpaper strips there as well. The "lawn" between the house and the castle is made from a bouclé forest green fabric.

The queen is made from felt cut outs, with small decorative doily-like paper punches on her robe, and sequins and gold lace on her dress. Her crown is a cut piece of silver paper.

The back is hung with picture wire. There are several layers of paper protecting the backing; however there has been some decay, loss, and rips to these layers. Nothing on the reverse side is visibly affecting the display side.

Overall the piece does have minor vintage wear, but is in remarkably good condition. One of the lace clouds has a snag in it, it’s possible that one or two of the pink circles on the "cypress" tree in the far right are missing, and there are a few pearls missing from the little girls dress, and the orange long "ribbons" hanging down are no longer directly attached.

There is slight overall aging, but nothing terrible. Not visibly soiled, but perhaps slightly dusty all over. The frame appears to have been spray painted and smudged while it was wet. There is no glass.


Measures 31.5" tall by 39.75" wide by .75" deep.

Personal delivery to Brooklyn and Manhattan for $25. Inquire for other local delivery quote. Free pick up at our show room available. UPS ground delivery available for outside NYC area.

Castle Fantasy Folk Art Wall Hanging

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