Amazing Pictures by Lorie Reilly

Trio of shoes

At long last we've got our pictures for our website! I have to say, they were totally worth the wait. 207 pictures in total, and each one better than the next. I'm so proud to get to share them, and am even so inspired myself to commit to dressing and living the vintage lifestyle. To me, these pictures are an ultimate affirmation that we can live our lives beautifully with what materials are at hand, and that consumption doesn't have to come newly minted from a factory, and that true style is what you make of it--not a competition for who copies the latest billboard.

Here we are!

Julia and Andrea of Penelope Rouge grab coffee at Naidres, around the corner from Deluxa. Hats, jacket, dresses, necklaces, shoes, Deluxa.

Deluxa's favorite cutie pie. Dress, hat, ornament, Deluxa.

Close up of jacket, belt, necklaces, wallet , and dress, all Deluxa.

This is our dear friend Meghan Halle. She's gorgeous and an amazingly talented singer.
More on her new CD later... Boots, dress, bag, belt, Deluxa.

Neighborhood fixture and Deluxa regular, Irene. Coat, dress, gloves, Deluxa.

This is but still even just a tiny fraction of the beautiful pics we have to share. All the pics were taken either in the store or within a few blocks around Carroll Gardens, and virtually everything in every photo came from the store. More to come soon!

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  1. Great Photographs! Hi there, my name's Jena...I'm Meg's friend from home, she has told me so much about you and your store! I can't wait to take a trip and see it...do you carry any vintage jewelry? i'm going crazy trying to find a vintage flower ring...