We're in today's Daily News!

Today's Daily News mentioned Deluxa as one of Brookyn's best vintage stores in their article "The Ultimate in Re-Gifting" by Denise Romano.

From the section on Deluxa:

"Here, you can find tons of old-school housewares, like red tulip shakers for $12, vintage baby clothes, women's clutches, gloves, clothes and shoes and men's clothing, such as a wool Lacoste sweater for only $25.

Owner Kristen Stocks said the best selling items are the Christmas ornaments that go for about $6.

'People are coming around to the idea that second-hand is best,' she said adding that furniture is selling well too.

'This stuff is built to last,' she added. 'People are realizing that vintage is not a trendy thing, it is a necessity.'"

Thanks Denise!

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