Gents, Men, and Dudes with Style

Admittedly, men's fashion is something at which I'm woefully inept. I've never had a significant that was beyond the tee and jeans type, and in general have never spent any relevant amount of time thinking about it.

When shopping for the store, I always have the hardest time with men's. Sticking to basic Lacoste sweaters, pearlized buttonups, and the occasional slacks and fedoras, men's clothing is somewhat of the final fronteer for me.

Today though, I found this completely inspring street fashion blog featuring all kinds of menswear, Mister Mort. It covers everything from the dapperist of elegant gentleman, to down-to-earth men's men, to cutting edge hipster dudes who make standard issue hipster dudes so blase. There is a clear love affair with shoes, as well as L.L. Bean. There's also something to the styles here that go beyond what is generally called "fashion" and really pushes to explore dressing and self-expression through self adornment, which is really powerful stuff to contemplate, it more probing of compositions than Face Hunter, and more gritt than Garance Dore (both of which, don't get me wrong, I adore). The oldest post is only from November, and I'm looking forward to seeing much more in the future!

Enough blathering. To the masculine fashion!

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