I'm finding at the store that one item that always sells are vintage ladies gloves. Never much of a glove wearer myself, during this winter with a lovely selection at my disposal, I've fallen in love with a pair of short black leather gloves, and long kidskin cream gloves. They're so girly and sexy at the same time--and they keep your hands warm to boot!

Here's some Deluxa glove goodness:

Gloves and wallet, Deluxa.

Also ladies, here's a secret...if you're like me and a little clumsy and walk around carrying too much stuff and have to dig for your Metrocard, its really adorable when a gentleman chases you down with a, "Oh, Miss! You've dropped your glove!" which is very nice.

But if one day your glove saving gentleman is absent, you get on the train and say aloud, probably too loud, "Dammit, where's my glove!" This was the demise of my short black pair.

Luckily if you live in Pittsburgh you may have heard about onecoldhand.com, a project by artist Jennifer Gooch. She did a blog and an art exhibit on lost gloves, even reuniting a few lost pairs! Here's a few orphans from the One Cold Hand blog:

In other glove news, I found these rules about glove etiquette via Miss Abigail, which I'm completely in love with, via:

Definite Don'ts
Don't ever appear in public without gloves.
Don't eat, drink, or smoke with gloves on.
Don't play cards with gloves on.
Don't apply makeup with gloves on.
Don't wear jewelry over gloves, with the exception of bracelets.
Don't make a habit of carrying your gloves ~ they should be considered an integral part of your costume.
Don't wear short gloves to a very gala ball, court presentation or 'White Tie' affair at the White House or in honor of a celebrity.

Definite Do's
Do wear gloves when you go shopping, visiting, driving; and for outdoor festivities such as garden parties, receptions.
Do wear gloves as a mark of respect in a place of worship.
Do wear gloves for formal indoor occasions: receptions, balls, and on arrival at a luncheon or dinner party.
Do keep gloves on in a receiving line.
Do keep gloves on while dancing at a formal party.
Do keep gloves on at a cocktail party until the drinks and hors d'oeuvres are passed. Then turn gloves back at the wrist or remove one glove.
Do remove gloves entirely at the dining table.
Do remove gloves after your arrival at an informal party or luncheon, leaving them with your coat.

Did you catch the part about gloves being "an integral part of your costume". Haha.

One other glove tidbit: lots of 50's and 60's women's coats were designed to be "bracelet lenth", that is more than 3/4 sleeve, but not quite full sleve. A pretty silly length for a winter coat these days, but when gloves were de rigeur, your arms still got to stay warm!

On a side note, I happen to have tons of gloves in stock right now...

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